Allergan - Exabeam

Allergan proactively protects itself from insider threats with Exabeam

The Challenge:
Allergan is a multinational leader in the pharmaceutical industry with operations in over 100 countries. Over the last several years, Allergan has experienced more than 50 merger and acquisition transactions; amidst this ever-changing environment, it needed to protect itself from complex threats like malicious insiders and compromised accounts.

The Solution:
Allergan implemented Exabeam’s user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) solution to proactively protect itself from insider threats by ingesting security data from its myriad of security solutions and holistically analyzing that data to baseline normal behavior for its operations. Once implemented, Exabeam was able to proactively detect any deviation from normal use or machine activity that might indicate a potential security event was emerging.

The Result:
Through the use of Exabeam Advanced Analytics, Allergan was able to easily and proactively detect insider threats and compromised credentials before they developed into security breaches or loss of intellectual property. Exabeam’s behavior-based approach to threat detection delivered value for Allergan out of the box, without the need for extensive customization or lengthy professional services engagements.