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Modern Cyber Threat Management with P&V Group

Modern Cyber Threat Management with P&V Group



For the P&V group, exchanging data with customers online in a secure way, is a key concern. Add to this the need for GDPR-compliance and sticking to regulatory frameworks, while combining often-dispersed security tools and it becomes clear why only a modern SIEM solution would do.


Some immediate results for the P&V team included faster investigations and response time, thanks to Exabeam’s AI and ML-driven tools; this equips relatively small security teams like theirs to deal with security alerts without human intervention, freeing up team members to do other things. Ultimately, what the P&V team values the most is the ability to take often complex security reports and with Exabeam, break them down into manageable actions for better security.


Recruiting cybersecurity experts is becoming harder by the day, and the P&V team needs to be able to move quickly with a crack team of experts. Exabeam has helped with this, as our platform demands very little interaction and has given the P&V team more insights than before.

"With Exabeam you can collect tons of data, analyse and act on it, even with a small security team."

Christoph Cauwe
IT Leader, P&V Group