Case Study: P&V Group - Exabeam

Modern Cyber Threat Management with P&V Group

Financial Services
Use Case
Compromised Insider

The Challenge

For the P&V group, exchanging data with customers online in a secure way, is a key concern. Add to this the need for GDPR-compliance and sticking to regulatory frameworks, while combining often-dispersed security tools and it becomes clear why only a modern SIEM solution would do.

The Results

Some immediate results for the P&V team included faster investigations and response time, thanks to Exabeam’s AI and ML-driven tools; this equips relatively small security teams like theirs to deal with security alerts without human intervention, freeing up team members to do other things. Ultimately, what the P&V team values the most is the ability to take often complex security reports and with Exabeam, break them down into manageable actions for better security.

Scalable Security Without a Bloated Team

Recruiting cybersecurity experts is becoming harder by the day, and the P&V team needs to be able to move quickly with a crack team of experts. Exabeam has helped with this, as our platform demands very little interaction and has given the P&V team more insights than before.

With Exabeam you can collect tons of data, analyse and act on it, even with a small security team.

Christoph Cauwe

IT Leader, P&V Group