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The Exabeam platform ships with pre-built content for the most common user and entity behavior analytics scenarios. It understands your environment quickly and knows how to process the log data you are already collecting. Achieve tangible business value right away. No agents, no taps, no science projects. It’s the only UEBA solution that delivers real value within hours of installation.

Exabeam’s unique session data model, called Stateful User Tracking, finds hard-to-spot attack techniques such as lateral movement and privilege escalation. Hacker evading your analysts by hopping across machines and accounts? Not with Exabeam UEBA and Threat Hunter. Your SOC analysts will see trouble quickly and can hunt for problems wherever they might be.


“My security team has too much time on its hands” said no one ever. SOC and IR teams are overworked and hard to hire. Exabeam automates much of the work involved in an incident investigation, accelerating the creation of an end-to-end story of the attack. Exabeam gives your security professionals needed powers to get their jobs done effectively and efficiently.