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You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See

Traditional security tools can’t adapt to the new world of cyberthreats. To keep up with the growing number of daily threats, understaffed security teams need new cloud-native security solutions focused on generating attack resolutions, consistently and repeatedly.

How we help our customers

Cloud-scale Security Log Management

The industry’s most advanced cloud-native solution to ingest, parse, store, and search log data at scale. Rapid data ingestion, a cloud-native data lake, hyper-quick query performance provide a lightning-fast, modern search, and dashboarding experience across multi-year data. Cloud-scale security log management provides cloud-native, limitless scale, open architecture cloud economics, fast, modernized search and visualization, and integration from anywhere.

Powerful Behavioral Analytics

Modern, granular threat detection designed for the most utilized and elusive threat vector – compromised credentials. Behavioral analytics baselines the normal behavior of users and devices with histograms, to detect, prioritize, and respond to anomalies based on risk. Powerful behavioral analytics helps organizations with baselining normal behavior with histograms, staying ahead of threats, providing risk-based prioritization, and running on top of existing architecture.

Automated Investigation Experience

Automate and modernize the entire threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) workflow to gain a complete picture of a threat, reduce manual routines, and simplify complex work. Automated investigation experience helps organizations with automated and modernized TDIR, automatically reconstructed security incidents, contextual, built-in response, and elevated human performance.


reduction in detecting, triaging, investigating, and responding to threats.


of customers report value in week one.


of analysts triage almost twice as many alerts vs. legacy SIEMs.

Source: Exabeam SIEM Productivity Report

Who we help

Security Leaders

You’re responsible for secure business operations inside and out. You need a platform that gives you total visibility and allows you to continuously improve your security posture.

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Security Engineers

You’re the mastermind at integrating the complex, and need to add analytics and automation without disrupting your environment.

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Security Analysts

You’re the one standing in the way of bad actors with bad intentions, and looking for tech that can automate mundane tasks so you can focus on resolving threats.

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Why organizations choose Exabeam

Outcomes-based security solution that anyone can use

Automating the entire threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) process

Embedded machine learning for improved detection and response accuracy

Smart Timelines with risk scoring for a complete picture

Exabeam has helped us reduce more than 40% detection time while improving our visibility

Review Role: Security and Risk Mgmt.

Company Size: 3B – 10B USD

Industry: Services Industry

…a pretty solid next-gen SIEM solution

Review Role: Data and Analytics

Company Size: 10B – 30B USD

Industry: Retail Industry

Nothing else comes close

Review Role: Security Architect

Company Size: 50M – 250M USD

Industry: Finance Industry

Trusted by organizations
around the world.

We believe that world-class threat detection, investigation and response should be attainable for every organization. Exabeam provides an industry-leading, cloud-delivered, SIEM platform that delivers value on week one*.

Source: *Exabeam SIEM Productivity Report

Recognized for Innovation and Leadership

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Your SIEM functions as the control center for TDIR. Managing TDIR with a legacy SIEM could be the difference between a headache and a headline.

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  • Helps you baseline normal activity
  • Automatically scores and profiles user activity
  • Provides machine-built, timeline views of incidents
  • Delivers automated playbooks to make the next right decision

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