Diversity and Inclusion - Exabeam

Diversity and Inclusion at Exabeam

Like our customers, our team comes from all walks of life. Our employees bring their full selves to work. Whether it’s championing women, supporting veterans, improving diversity or aligning our hiring process with our values, our philosophy is that we’re better together.

To this end, we’ve created the Exabeam CommUNITY Council, whose mission is to initiate conversation, educate, and enact change so our environment becomes more diverse, inclusive, and aware of the unique experiences of underrepresented groups within and outside of Exabeam.

CommUNITY Council

The CommUNITY Council is founded on the principle that value and power reside in our uniqueness. The goal of the Council is to promote and celebrate diversity and inclusion, spread knowledge and awareness, encourage ourselves to have open and honest conversations on difficult issues, and foster and affect organizational change.

Our Mission

The CommUNITY Council’s mission is to initiate conversation, educate and enact change to promote diversity and inclusion in support of the unique experiences of underrepresented groups within and outside Exabeam.

Who we are

We celebrate our differences, our backgrounds and are united in our drive to bring diversity and inclusion to the forefront at Exabeam and our communities. Read more about the CommUNITY Council in this blog post.

What we do

The CommUNITY Council has five strategic initiatives led by dedicated teams: Talent Acquisition, Mentorship, Learning and Development, Volunteering and Events and Communications. Together these teams encourage conversations, especially the difficult ones surrounding social justice, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This includes evaluating policies and processes, improving them and giving underrepresented groups and individuals opportunities to succeed.

Each team on the CommUNITY Council brings Exabeamers together to celebrate different views and ideas and exposes them to new experiences they might not have otherwise seen.

Meet the ExaGals

The ExaGals program focuses on supporting and empowering the women of Exabeam, as well as women in the technology community at large, with career development, education and personal growth opportunities.

There’s work to be done

We look for the best and brightest in the security space. Let’s keep raising the bar together.