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Detect, investigate and respond to cyberthreats to protect your data – so you can focus on the business of learning.

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“It was really important to me to work with a small group of innovative industry partners in developing our unified cyber security platform, and Exabeam have been first class at fitting that: and acting as a superb critical friend to shape the vision I had.”

Michael (Mick) Jenkins

Chief Information Security Officer | Brunel University London

The cloud-native Exabeam® Security Operations Platform. Scale your speed, productivity, accuracy, and outcomes.

Benefits of using Exabeam in Higher Education


Gain early visibility into advanced threats and indicators of compromise to respond quicker.


Secure intellectual property and personally identifiable information of students and faculty.

Automated Investigations

Security teams – regardless of size – can respond faster and more accurately.

Addressing the skills shortage

Is your security team adequately staffed? The likely answer is no. With an overall shortage of cyber experts it’s critical that your security team can be as efficient as possible without intense training or expertise. On average, the Exabeam platform improves the operational efficiency of security teams more than 50% through automated features like natural language querying, context enhanced parsing, and data presentation.


Mitigating cybersecurity risk

Exabeam solutions use behavioral analytics to accurately detect high-risk abnormal activity across your network. This user behavior directs your security team, in near real time, to instances of a potentially malicious users, or indicators of compromise such as early signs of a potential ransomware attack, and visibility for distinguishing true threats versus odd, otherwise harmless behavior.

Complex user base

Despite having dozens of security tools, schools face exceptional detection challenges due to multiple user types who often use technology in unusual ways. With Exabeam Smart Timelines, your analysts have all the information they need to rapidly investigate and respond — including a complete view of the timeline and risk score for each action taken by a user.


pre-built parsers

As it is ingested, data is parsed using over 10,000 pre-built log parsers and enriched using context sources from open source and commercial threat intelligence feeds.


events per second

Rapid log ingestion processing at a sustained rate of over 2M EPS


rules and models

Over 1,800 rules, including cloud infrastructure security, and over 793 behavioral model histograms that automatically baseline normal behavior of users and devices.

Explore the many ways Exabeam can work for you

Whether you replace a legacy SIEM, or complement an ineffective SIEM solution by adding UEBA, automation, and TDIR content on top, the modular Exabeam Security Operations Platform can help you achieve security operations success.

The cloud-native Exabeam® Security Operations Platform.

Learn more about the Exabeam Security Operations Platform

Learn about the Exabeam platform and expand your knowledge of information security with our collection of white papers, podcasts, webinars, and more.

Higher Education


Higher Education

Empower your team with security
analytics and automation for faster,
more accurate, and cost-effective threat
detection and incident response across
your institution.

The Challenges of Cybersecurity in Higher Education


The Challenges of Cybersecurity in Higher Education

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Protecting Data in University and Higher Education Institutions


Protecting Data in University and Higher Education Institutions

Expanding visibility into increasingly dispersed systems and preparing for more mature adversaries.

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• Use playbooks to make the next right decision

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