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Exabeam doesn’t just collect the dots, we connect them. We piece anomalous activity into a behavioral narrative so you can prioritize the work you do best — deep investigation and determining intent — all with complete visibility across your ecosystem.

Automate the mundane, investigate the impossible

Exabeam offers automated threat detection and triage to manage the flood of merely informative alerts with Dynamic Alert Prioritization. By infusing third-party security alerts with context from user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), Exabeam dynamically identifies, prioritizes, and escalates the alerts which require the most attention. When combined with automated Smart Timelines™, response playbooks free up valuable time so you can focus on the real threats that require your expertise.


Midmarket companies and enterprises seeking a modular, yet integrated security analytics platform with a focus on user behavior should consider Exabeam.

Joseph Blankenship
VP, Research Director, Forrester Research, Inc.

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