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  • Dump Your SIEM

    Instead, get a data lake for unlimited data collection, advanced threat detection powered by machine learning, and automated response from a single security intelligence platform.
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Why Exabeam?

Cyber threats keep growing - they’re more frequent and affect more people. Your security systems can’t detect them, and your incident response teams are overloaded. Exabeam changes the game for your SOC and IR teams. Unlike legacy SIEM products, Exabeam is built from the ground up to address security needs in a world of big data, identity-based threats, and painful expertise shortages.

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  • Unlimited Log Management

    Exabeam Log Manager provides a data lake for unlimited security data capture, indexing, and search, at a predictable price. Log Manager is based on proven, open source big data technologies, and can manage any type of security data including network, endpoint, flow, as well as logs - without breaking your budget.
  • Market-Leading Advanced Analytics

    Exabeam User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) is the market-leading solution for detecting credential-based attacks and insider threats. Exabeam UEBA finds the entire scope of an attack -- all machines affected – so that you can rid your network of hackers.
  • Accelerate Incident Response

    Does any organization have all the security expertise it needs? Exabeam Incident Responder provides automated playbooks to amplify the abilities of your IR team. Incident Responder improves productivity and delivers best practices for effective response.

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Interested in seeing Exabeam in action? How about a live demo? Give us 15 minutes and we’ll show you a new way to detect and respond to threats.

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User Behavior Intelligence Strategy
V.Jay LaRosa
VP Global Security Architecture, ADP

“The reality is this stuff just works. It’s real, it’s not snake oil, and machine learning technologies today have extreme benefits. The value that this brings at an organizational level is immense.”

User Behavior Intelligence Strategy
Chris Hymes
Director of Information Security, Hulu

“It wasn’t that we didn’t have the logs; we had those. But they were in many divergent locations, and it took our analysts lots of time to actually dig into those logs and find them and put a story together. With Exabeam, it actually provides us with a story."


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