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Seize the Breach

Watch this video to learn how Exabeam can help you detect, investigate, and respond more quickly, accurately, and prescriptively to Seize the Breach and mitigate damage.

Why Exabeam?

It’s time to move on from legacy SIEM. Exabeam powers security teams with analytics-driven insights to uncover, investigate, and resolve threats outdated tools miss—in record time.

Exabeam SOC Platform


reduction in detecting, triaging, investigating and responding to threats.


of customers report value in week one.


of analysts triage almost twice as many alerts vs legacy SIEMs.

Source: Exabeam SIEM Productivity Report

The Exabeam SOC Platform

Our cloud-delivered platform collects unlimited log data, applies behavioral analytics to detect anomalies, and automates incident response.

  • 500+ IT, security product integrations
  • 50+ cloud services connectors
  • 100+ MITRE ATT&CK techniques
  • Modular with deployment flexibility
User Risk Scoring

Exabeam Alert Triage

Quickly and confidently dismiss or escalate alerts at massive scale.

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Exabeam Behavioral Analytics

Monitor any user or entity, baseline normal, quickly and effectively expose anomalies.

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Exabeam Case Manager

Enjoy a security-specific workspace to manage and collaborate on incident resolution.

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Exabeam Cloud Connectors

Pre-built, reliable, log collection and response orchestration for almost 50 cloud services.

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Exabeam Log Management/Data Lake

Highly scalable and cost efficient data lake for log storage and search.

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Exabeam Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

Automations, playbooks and actions to optimize incident response.

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Exabeam Threat Hunting

Leverage point-and-click search for behavioral threat hunting.

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Exabeam Threat Intelligence

Real-time insight into malicious hosts and other indicators of compromise.

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Put Your Cybersecurity
Skills to the Test

Challenge yourself and compete with peers in a formidable game of Capture the Flag.

Capture the Flag

Looking at the landscape of SIEM products out there, we were searching for underlying technology and architecture that lends itself to meeting the needs of a more agile security team.

Colin Anderson
Chief Information Security Officer, Levi Strauss & Co.

Trusted by organizations
around the world.

We believe that world-class threat detection, investigation and response should be attainable for every organization. Exabeam provides an industry-leading, cloud-delivered, SIEM and XDR platform that delivers value on week one*.

Source: *Exabeam SIEM Productivity Report

Outcomes Above All

Most SIEMs are designed to provide functionality, not results. With Exabeam’s packaged use cases and content, security teams can manage each step in their TDIR workflow with automation and additional context to achieve repeatable outcomes.

Compromised Insiders
Compromised Insiders

Uncover bad actors masquerading as employees, and quickly trace and remediate their actions.

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Malicious Insiders
Malicious Insiders

Detect the enemies within, and secure data from misuse and abuse.

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External Threats
External Threats

Defend against phishing, malware, and ransomware.

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Turnkey compliance packages keep you always up-to-date.

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The Exabeam Resource Library

Learn everything about the Exabeam platform and beyond. Expand your knowledge on information security with our collection of whitepapers, podcasts, webinars and more.

See a world-class SIEM solution in action.

The majority of reported breaches involved lost or stolen credentials. How can you keep pace? Exabeam delivers your SOC team industry-leading analytics, patented anomaly detection, and Smart Timelines to help pinpoint the actions that lead to exploits.

Whether you need a SIEM replacement or legacy SIEM modernization with XDR, Exabeam offers advanced, modular, and cloud-delivered TDIR.

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