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Gartner®️ Report: Hype Cycle™️ for Security Operations, 2023

The Hype Cycle for Security Operations, 2023, is research that aids in evaluating the risks and rewards of investing in specific Security Operations (SecOps) features. It provides graphic representation of the maturity and adoption of technologies and applications, and how they are potentially relevant to solving real business problems and exploiting new opportunities.

The Hype Cycle recommends that SecOps adapt and evolve. To do so, security and risk management leaders must adopt an exposure-based approach to operations that emphasizes business relevance. At its core, SecOps ensures visibility across technological platforms, keeping an eye on possible threats and responding proactively. It guides risk reduction through careful control orchestration. To achieve its goals, it’s equipped with advanced tools and services aimed at providing deep visibility into tech networks, assisting with diagnostic outcomes and, in some cases, control implementation.

Gartner talks about key capability areas security leaders must include in their roadmap:

  • Use generative cybersecurity AI for operational efficiency gains and skill
  • Implement continuous threat exposure management (CTEM) concepts. 
  • Apply a business-relevant approach to improve the breadth and relevance of detection and response.
  • Maximize automation for reduced response times.
Gartner®️ Report: Hype Cycle™️ for Security Operations, 2023

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