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Mitigate your cyber security risks, support a culture of regulatory compliance, and overcome the cyber security skills shortage.

With Exabeam we can see activity across the board…that’s showing us, based off of what this person normally does, that they could be an outlier, and that we should investigate.

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Benefits of using Exabeam in the Healthcare sector

  • Gain early visibility into malicious threats across evolving ecosystems.
  • Enable a more efficient and responsive security operations team.
  • Support a culture of compliance.

Securing the healthcare sectors digital evolution.

Healthcare providers are embracing emerging technologies such as IoT, digital therapeutics, cloud hosting and AI, and in doing so, significantly increasing the complexity of safeguarding protected health information (PHI). Meanwhile, a growing reliance on sharing critical patient data across providers via electronic health records (EHR) is making the sector an attractive target for ransomware attacks. Exabeam reduces the risks to PHI and EHR, and assists you with regulatory compliance, by detecting compromised and malicious insiders, and by providing automation to assist security teams throughout their workflow.

Mitigating Cyber Security Risk.

Exabeam accurately detects high risk, anomalous user and entity activity across your network, including EHR and cloud applications, through behavioral analytics. With behavioral analytics, your security team is directed, in near real-time, to instances of a potentially malicious employee, or indicators of compromise such as early signs of a potential ransomware attack.

Securing The Internet Of Medical Things.

Exabeam monitors your medical devices and other high-risk assets for anomalous behavior, alerting your security team when the behavior patterns of a specific device falls outside a normal range and warrants further investigation. Visibility across your environment is maintained as you modernize and add additional operational technology and IoT devices.

Supporting A Culture Of Regulatory Compliance.

Exabeam allows you to harness hundreds of out-of-the-box compliance reports to fulfill audit and regulatory requirements. With Exabeam, you also gain the ability to search and retrieve up to 10 years of historical logs in minutes to significantly reduces the burden of compliance monitoring and the need to have your security analysts manually sifting through disparate data sources for audit purposes.

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