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Put Your Security Skills to the Test

Join us for a Capture the Flag competition.


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Test drive the Exabeam approach to Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (TDIR) 

Challenge yourself and compete with peers in a formidable game of Exabeam CTF.

Get a firsthand view into the power of Exabeam behavioral analytics, threat hunting, and automation and their ability to transform your team’s TDIR capabilities.

You’ll be presented with a series of challenges. When a challenge is solved, a “flag” is given and points awarded. Get the top score and earn bragging rights as an Exabeam CTF Champion!

New to Exabeam or Capture the Flag? No problem. Fun will be had! Exabeam technical experts are on hand to offer in-game support.

Test drive the Exabeam approach to Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (TDIR)
Ways to play

Ways to play Exabeam CTF

Exabeam CTF topics vary and we rotate the schedule — return anytime to try a new one.

Advanced Analytics competitions explore the power of automation and threat hunting using Exabeam behavior analytics — users see all possible questions up front. 

Use Case-based competitions dive into content Exabeam exposes in specific use case-based scenarios — questions unlock one at a time as you progress through the challenge.

All competitions include tutorials that guide users through the  Exabeam solution so you can familiarize yourself before the game begins.


Advanced-AnalyticsAdvanced-AnalyticsAdvanced Analytics

Includes automation and threat hunting features of Exabeam behavior analytics.


Compromised Insiders

Includes scenarios for phishing, malware, and compromised credentials.


Malicious Insiders

Includes scenarios for data exfiltration, cloud analytics, and departing employees.



Includes scenarios for phishing, malware, and lateral movement.



Includes scenarios for phishing, ransomware, and compromised credentials.

See New-Scale SIEM in action.

Put your security skills to the test and join us for an Exabeam CTF competition. 

Test drive the Exabeam approach to TDIR and see if you emerge the Exabeam CTF Champion. Space is limited. Secure your spot and register today!

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