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A Platform Built on Trust

At Exabeam, trust is the cornerstone of how we operate — everything from how we build our products to how we run our operations. We understand that one of your most valuable assets is your data, and we focus on ensuring your data is secure, data privacy rules are followed, and the platform has high uptime. Learn how we maintain privacy, security, and availability for our cloud-delivered offerings, so you can trust Exabeam with your data.

Data Privacy

No matter where your organization or data is located, Exabeam is committed to the privacy of your data. Our products perform data processing activities only on the data you share with us following SOC 2 and GDPR standards when collecting, processing, and storing your data. Exabeam cloud-delivered services are available globally, so you can choose where your data is stored and leverage our products for threat detection, investigation, and response, while satisfying your data residency requirements.


You have enough to worry about when it comes to your organization being attacked by external and internal adversaries. Your security tools shouldn’t create an additional point of entry. The governance, risk, and compliance team at Exabeam is dedicated to maintaining a secure operating environment for your confidential data. A zero trust internal policy, ongoing security awareness training, and regular third-party security assessments are just a few of the ways Exabeam helps ensure the security of our customers.

Compliance and Certifications

Running national and global organizations means you need to comply with laws around the world, and Exabeam can help you meet your compliance requirements. Exabeam achieved ISO 27001 certification, SOC 2 Type II certification, is registered and certified with Privacy Shield, has appropriate technical and organizational measures in place for GDPR, and has resources available to help you address commitments to your own customers and their personal data.

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Business Continuity and Uptime

Accessibility is fundamental when it comes to your security tools. Exabeam provides data upload availability of 99.9% and product access availability of 99.5%. Our comprehensive business continuity plan is a key component of our risk management framework, and aims to ensure stability during emergencies or significant business disruptions.