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From industry-specific security and compliance initiatives to tailored use case coverage, Exabeam helps organizations of any size and industry vertical maintain security confidence.

Solutions by use case

Exabeam gives security teams end-to-end security content to repeatedly deliver successful outcomes and improve their security posture to address their most common problems.


Out-of-the-box detection models and compliance reports that are always up-to-date.

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Compromised Insiders

Uncover bad actors masquerading as employees, and quickly trace and remediate their actions.

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Malicious Insiders

Detect enemies within, and secure data from misuse and abuse.

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External Threats

Perpetual defense against phishing, malware, and ransomware.

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Solutions by industry

Exabeam helps companies and government agencies meet their business objectives by staying secure and compliant, regardless of industry.

Financial Services

Mitigate cyber security risks, improve customer experience, and overcome the cybersecurity skills gap.

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Protect IP, secure smart factory initiatives, and overcome the cybersecurity skills gap.

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Implement a zero trust program, defend against insider threats, and kill ransomware from the start.

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Mitigate cybersecurity risks, support a culture of regulatory compliance, and overcome the cybersecurity skills shortage.

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Get security that looks threats in the eye.

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