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Protect IP, secure smart factory initiatives, and overcome the cybersecurity skills gap.

We knew we had to go beyond a traditional SIEM to UEBA, and we liked what we saw in Exabeam’s UEBA capabilities.


Benefits of Exabeam for the manufacturing sector

  • Automation delivers efficiencies across security operations and response.
  • Visibility through Smart Timelines allows lesser experienced analysts to accurately detect IOC’s and the lateral movement of attackers.
  • Improved security enables smart factory initiatives.

Manufacturers rely on IP, dependable operations, and effective security teams to stay competitive. Exabeam helps manufacturers identify the cybersecurity attacks that threaten smart factory initiatives and put their intellectual property at risk. With full visibility of the threat landscape, Exabeam detects indicators of compromise, including lateral movement of attackers and access using compromised credentials. Exabeam also helps manufacturers deal with skills gaps by assisting analysts with automation from detection to triage, investigation, and response.

Mitigate the cybersecurity risk.

Exabeam accurately detects high risk, anomalous user and entity activity across your network, with behavioral analytics. Exabeam analyzes users’ day-to-day behavior in real-time and detects early warning signs of a potentially malicious employee, or adversary technique, and alerts security teams so that they can stop an attempted breach before it succeeds.

Securing the modern smart factory.

Exabeam monitors IT, IoT and OT devices and cloud storage objects for anomalous behavior. To do so, Exabeam baselines entity behavior including communication patterns, ports and protocols, and operating activity. Exabeam is then able to automatically identify irregular activities indicative of a security incident. Security teams are alerted when the behavior pattern of an asset falls outside the normal range and warrants further investigation. Exabeam also performs IP association on current addresses and all past DHCP IP addresses, so if an incident occurs your security team already can start their investigation with the complete picture in hand.

Addressing the skills shortage.

Exabeam was built to augment security team workflows, not replace them. On average, the Exabeam platform improves operational efficiency of a security team by 51% through features like natural language querying, context enhanced parsing, and data presentation. Analysts also gain the ability to quickly create new detection rules and models without the need for copious amounts of training. In addition, Exabeam’s automation:

  • Eliminates the need to maintain correlation rules.
  • Identifies notable users and assigns a risk score to each action taken.
  • Visualizes investigations through Exabeam Smart Timelines to help analysts accurately answer their questions faster.
  • Supports incident response with pre-configured playbooks.

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