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“We’re generating event logs across hundreds of systems and that’s getting sent to a central location, and with Exabeam, it was so easy just to tie that central location and send all that data to Exabeam. So that was one of our key requirements. And it was definitely easier with Exabeam than a lot of the other solutions we tried.”

Zane Gittins

IT Security Specialist | Meissner

The cloud-native Exabeam® Security Operations Platform. Scale your speed, productivity, accuracy, and outcomes.

Benefits of using Exabeam in Manufacturing

Automated Investigations

Automation delivers efficiencies across security operations and response.


Visibility through Smart Timelines allows lesser experienced analysts to accurately detect IOC’s and the lateral movement of attackers.


Improved security enables smart factory initiatives.

Protect your IP and business continuity

Exabeam helps manufacturers identify and stop the cybersecurity attacks that put their intellectual property and business continuity at risk.

With industry-leading analytics and automation, Exabeam detects and responds to threats other tools miss, such as: malicious insiders, compromised insiders, lateral movement and brute force attacks.

With Exabeam, your SOC team will detect, investigate, and respond to threats, better, faster and easier than ever before.


Mitigate the cybersecurity risk

Exabeam accurately detects high risk, anomalous user and entity activity across your network, with behavioral analytics. Exabeam analyzes users’ behavior in real time and detects early warning signs of a potentially malicious employee, or adversary technique, and alerts security teams so that they can stop a threat before it succeeds.

Secure the smart factory

Exabeam monitors devices and cloud storage objects for anomalous behavior. Security teams are alerted when a behavior pattern falls outside of normal and warrants further investigation. Exabeam also performs IP association, if an incident occurs your security team can start their investigation with complete context in hand.


Addressing the skills shortage

On average, the Exabeam platform improves operational efficiency of a security team by 51% through features like natural language querying, context enhanced parsing, and data presentation. Analysts also gain the ability to quickly create new detection rules and models without the need for copious amounts of training.


product integrations

Orchestrate and automate repeated workflows with APIs to 65 different vendors and 100 products.


response actions

Available to semi- or fully-automate workflows, so analysts can employ repeatable actions to reduce response time and improve efficiency.


MITRE ATT&CK® categories

Coverage for all ATT&CK categories, including 196 techniques and 411 sub-techniques.

Explore the many ways Exabeam can work for you

Whether you replace a legacy SIEM, or complement an ineffective SIEM solution by adding UEBA, automation, and TDIR content on top, the modular Exabeam Security Operations Platform can help you achieve security operations success.

The cloud-native Exabeam® Security Operations Platform.

Learn more about the Exabeam Security Operations Platform

Learn about the Exabeam platform and expand your knowledge of information security with our collection of white papers, podcasts, webinars, and more.




Exabeam helps manufacturers address the many
cybersecurity challenges and lay the foundations for
Smart factory initiatives.

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Levi Strauss


The Exabeam SOC Platform Helps Levi Strauss Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs

A major factor in deciding on a new SIEM was the need to find a partner that understood the exact and unique needs of the LS&Co. team.

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• Use playbooks to make the next right decision

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