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Exabeam for Good


A rising tide lifts all boats. ExaCares is a philanthropy program dedicated to improving local and global communities through investing in give-back initiatives. With ExaCares, Exabeam and our employees:

  • Invest in the current and next generation of cybersecurity practitioners and leaders
  • Foster diversity by creating opportunities for underrepresented groups in our industry
  • Provide the foundation for individuals to thrive, by addressing food insecurity, early education roadblocks, career development and training, and more
ExaCares Philanthropy Program

Exabeam Cyberversity

At Exabeam, we don’t wait for things to change; we go out and make change happen. That’s why we created Exabeam Cyberversity, a philanthropic effort designed to help aspiring cybersecurity professionals navigate career options and increase industry-wide diversity through knowledge sharing and networking.

Exabeam Cybersecurity Scholarship Program

As a cybersecurity leader, we’re passionate about supporting the next generation of professionals pursuing an education and career in cybersecurity. The Exabeam Cybersecurity Scholarship Program invests in students bringing a diverse perspective and inclusive approach to solve the cybersecurity challenges of the future.

There’s work to be done

We look for the best and brightest in the security space. Let’s keep raising the bar together.