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Implement a zero trust program, defend against insider threats, and kill ransomware from the start.

Every year, we see an increase in sophisticated cyberthreats to U.S. organizations, and digital assets of our government are no exception. Unfortunately, due to the known lag in modernization and technology usage in the public sector, government organizations are even more vulnerable.

Steve Grewal, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) veteran, Exabeam Federal Advisory Board Member

Benefits of using Exabeam in the public sector

  • Easy detection of known and unknown attacks and a reduced risk of breach through the use of behavioral analytics.
  • Rapid investigations, improved productivity and reduced staffing shortages through the use of machine-built incident timelines.
  • Faster mean time to respond (MTTR) and the resolution of more incidents in less time through the use of automatable playbooks.
  • Compliance with standards such as NIST Guidelines, PCI DSS, SOX, and more.
  • A Common Criteria certified solution to meet federal requirements.

Public agencies manage significant amounts of sensitive data, making them one of the biggest targets for external attackers and insider threats. These same agencies often face budgetary and hiring pressures, resulting in a limited ability to detect and respond to data-related threats. Exabeam automation and behavioral analytics allow security teams to do more with less, detecting complex attacks, hunting for adversaries on the network, and amplifying capabilities for investigation and response.

Implement a zero trust program.

Government agencies are increasingly moving towards zero trust architectures (ZTAs). ZTAs are constructed on the basis that there is no secure perimeter. Instead, every event and connection is considered untrusted and potentially malicious. The key to effectively building a zero-trust architecture is the ability to set a baseline for what is normal. Exabeam uses advanced analytics to create a “trust profile” for every credential and device. If anomalous behavior is detected, Exabeam connects the dots and provides actionable insights to support effective mitigation strategies.

Defend against insider threats.

Governments are challenged to protect their organizations from external attackers as well as insider threats. With recent leaks from the likes of Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, public sector agencies need to ensure they understand what data they are storing, but also who, when, and where it’s accessed. Exabeam provides analysts a user-centered view of security information and events to help identify individuals with risky patterns of behavior who may attempt to exfiltrate sensitive data. Additionally, analysts can:

  • Gain enhanced visibility into threats that span siloed security tools.
  • Use watchlists to continuously monitor privileged access to crown jewels.
  • Leverage behavior analytics to identify adversaries employing difficult to detect techniques, such as compromised credentials.
  • Drastically reduce the time they spend investigating insider threats and their mean time to respond through the use of automation such as machine-built incident timelines.

Stop ransomware from the start.

Ransomware attacks are increasingly targeting governments to take critical systems and citizen data hostage. Without sufficient tools, budget or staff, public sector security teams may not be able to stop an attack before it’s too late. With Exabeam, public sector organizations can rapidly detect and respond to known and never-before-seen ransomware attacks before hackers are able to extort. Analysts will be able to:

  • Use behavioral analysis to identify malware performing ransomware activity.
  • Automatically perform rapid investigation and document the scope of a potential ransomware attack with machine-built incident timelines.
  • Orchestrate security tools needed to move quickly enough to disrupt the ransomware killchain.
  • Eliminates the need to maintain correlation rules.
  • Identifies notable users and assigns a risk score to each action taken.
  • Visualizes investigations through Exabeam Smart Timelines to help analysts accurately answer their questions faster.
  • Supports incident response with pre-configured playbooks.

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