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Cloud-native SIEM at hyperscale with fast, modern search and powerful correlation, reporting, dashboarding, and case management.

Finally, a SIEM teams will want to use

Exabeam extends the cloud-scale capabilities of Exabeam Security Log Management with additional features for threat, detection, investigation, and response (TDIR). Exabeam SIEM includes Threat Center, over 160 pre-built correlation rules, integrated threat intelligence, automation management, and powerful dashboarding capabilities. The solution delivers analysts new speed, processing at over 2 million events per second (EPS) sustained, and natural language search capability for query responses across PB of data in seconds.

Comprehensive log collection

Securely collect data from on-premises or cloud data sources at scale using a single interface. Parse each raw log into a security event, identify named fields, and normalize it using a standard format for accelerated analysis and added security context. A wizard enables custom parser creation from new or templated log sources making it easy to develop, deploy, and manage error-free parsers. Review parser quality against use cases and the MITRE ATT&CK framework for continuous improvement. Process events at over 2 million per second (EPS) sustained.

  • Currently supporting 650+ products from over 340 vendors
  • Multiple transport methods: API, agent, syslog, SIEM, data lake
  • Over 9,500 pre-built log parsers
Comprehensive log collection
Cloud-scale security log management

Cloud-scale security log management

Security log management on the Exabeam cloud-scale architecture offers end-to-end efficiency to ingest, parse, store, and search data at lightning speed. An essential capability of Exabeam SIEM is our natural language processing enabled Search — a single interface that allows analysts to search using their native language across petabytes of data at speed. And there’s no learning curve; analysts don’t need to learn a proprietary query language. Security Engineers can convert a Search to a Correlation Rule with automatic notifications or a Dashboard visualization in minutes.

Cloud-scale visibility

Drive desired security outcomes to close critical gaps by understanding your data source coverage and configuration. Learn precisely what to do to improve your security posture by seeing recommended information, event streams, and parsing configurations. Finally, there is a powerful and affordable log management solution, purpose-built for security, that your teams will want to use without a massive learning curve.  

Cloud-scale visibility
Deep detections with industry-leading correlation

Advanced correlation capabilities

Turn your searches into powerful threat-hunting rules in one click. Properly designed correlation rules enable you to surface a broad range of behaviors and events. Write, test, publish, and monitor hundreds of custom correlation rules, including defining higher criticality for those that correspond to Threat Intelligence Service-sourced activity.

How it works

Powered by AI, Exabeam SIEM contains the heart of investigation for your teams — Threat Center simplifies security analyst workflows and increases productivity through centralized threat management, pre-built investigative tools, and automation. Threat Center reduces alert fatigue with prioritization, automated evidence collection, and threat timeline creation, providing all analysts with a consistent view of the threat with the ability to add or upload supporting documents, assign cases, and close them out when the investigation is complete. Analysts can save searches for common threats based on ATT&CK framework TTPs or use cases for quick filters.


pre-built log parsers

As it is ingested, data is parsed using over 10,000 pre-built log parsers and enriched using context sources from open source and commercial threat intelligence feeds.


events per second

Rapid log ingestion processing at a sustained rate of over 2M EPS


pre-built correlation rules

Exabeam SIEM offers over 160 pre-built correlation rules matching some of the most common use cases of malware and compromised credentials.

Exabeam SIEM | Product Demonstration


Cloud-native SIEM at hyperscale

Fast, modern search with powerful correlation, reporting, dashboarding, and case management. Your legacy SIEM shouldn’t hold you hostage, free yourself with Exabeam SIEM, an affordable, east-to-use and deploy SIEM your teams will want to use.

Exabeam SIEM features

Exabeam SIEM is a breakthrough combination of threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) capabilities security operations need in products they will want to use. Exabeam SIEM delivers limitless scale to ingest, parse, store, search, and report on petabytes of data — from everywhere.

Put Your Security Skills to the Test

Challenge yourself and compete with peers in a formidable game of Exabeam CTF. You’ll get a firsthand view into the power of Exabeam behavioral analytics, threat hunting, and automation and their ability to transform your team’s TDIR capabilities.


“After reviewing the market and a number of providers, we chose Exabeam to champion our vision of maximizing what the cloud offers as it relates to our security program. Exabeam’s SaaS-based SIEM means we have no infrastructure or system operations to manage. A cloud-first approach gives our team efficiencies versus operational management tasks; they can now focus on strategic security initiatives that continue to mature our enterprise’s cybersecurity program.

Marc Crudgington

Chief Information Security Officer | Woodforest National Bank

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does the vendor ensure availability of the Exabeam SIEM solution?

Answer: The Exabeam Security Management Platform is built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which has a 99.5% uptime service level agreement (SLA). Uptime is further enhanced with application-level resiliency and redundancy. Lastly, Exabeam has a global team of cloud operations experts who monitor dozens of health signals around the clock to proactively detect and remediate concerns before they become issues.

Customers can access their unique status page at any time to check the availability of Exabeam cloud-delivered services. 

Question: Where is the solution delivered from, and where Is my data stored?

Answer: Exabeam SIEM is cloud-native and is delivered from GCP. We leverage GCP to store data securely and leverage many of their data centers across the globe. The exact location and country used in your deployment will be determined at the time of purchase as we continuously keep adding new locations. Customers may choose where their service is hosted from a list of available, global locations.

We use every care to protect our customers’ data. As part of our commitment to making data private, each customer’s data is isolated and not visible to other tenants.

Question: How is my data collected and transported?

Answer: We use a combination of Collectors, log forwarding, as well as log fetching options directly from other SIEMs like QRadar or Splunk (on-prem or Splunk Cloud) using their APIs, to securely transport customer data to our cloud-native platform. Collectors are virtual machines running Exabeam software on your premises. They are secured behind your firewalls and use SSL to forward encrypted data to Exabeam. Collectors can also bring your data from public clouds such as AWS, Azure, and GCP and SaaS applications, including Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce.

Explore the many ways Exabeam can work for you

Looking for a solution other than Exabeam SIEM? Whether you want to replace a legacy SIEM, or complement an ineffective SIEM solution by adding UEBA, automation, and TDIR content on top, the modular Exabeam Security Operations Platform can help you achieve security operations success.

The cloud-native Exabeam® Security Operations Platform.

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Learn about the Exabeam platform and expand your knowledge of information security with our collection of white papers, podcasts, webinars, and more.

Exabeam SIEM


Exabeam SIEM

Cloud-native SIEM at hyperscale with fast, modern search, and powerful correlation, reporting, dashboarding, and case management.

Introducing Exabeam SIEM: Cloud-native SIEM at Hyperscale


Introducing Exabeam SIEM: Cloud-native SIEM at Hyperscale

Welcome to New-Scale SIEM™ from Exabeam. New-Scale SIEM is a breakthrough combination of threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) capabilities security operations needs in products they will want to use.

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Customers Achieve 245% ROI Using Exabeam Fusion SIEM

In this Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ report, you’ll learn how the Exabeam Fusion SIEM behavioral analytics-driven approach transformed Security Operations by delivering a quantifiable return with ROI as high as 245%, and payback in under six months.

3 Critical Success Factors for Choosing Your New SIEM


3 Critical Success Factors for Choosing Your New SIEM

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At Exabeam, our goal is to help you achieve your business outcomes. Leverage our breadth of experience, resources, and tools to help your security team meet their business goals through deployment and beyond. This goal is our key focus for customers and partners alike.


Exabeam Support is here to help you achieve your business outcomes by leveraging our breadth of experience, resources, and tools to help your security team meet its short- and long-term goals.

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Exabeam Professional Services allow customers to accelerate their deployment, increase time to value, and manage policies themselves through a well defined framework of fixed delivery packages or bespoke services. These accelerate deployment, integration, and platform management while maximizing your success.

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Provide your team with the tools and training they need to operate the Exabeam Security Operations Platform. With instructor-led or self-paced training, your employees will learn to maximize the features and functionality of your Exabeam solution and achieve the most value.

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Exabeam was founded on a principle of openness. Our go-to-market and technology partners are critical to our success. Security is a team sport, and our business partnerships are a key component of delivering customer success.

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