Case Study: MUFG Union Bank - Exabeam

Exabeam Allows Union Bank to Focus on Actual High-risk Incidents

Financial Services

The Challenge

While its data loss prevention (DLP) system was performing as expected, Union Bank found it time-consuming to investigate the high volume of false positives it produced. They needed a solution that would process events faster and more accurately without having to hire more staff or reduce the scope of their threat detection.

The Solution

Union Bank chose Exabeam’s user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) solution to ingest all of their DLP events, create baseline activity to detect anomalous behavior, and prioritize incident response. The extensibility and configurability of the solution meant the bank could program exactly what it needed, including weeding out false positives that were legitimate business processes. Exabeam allows Union Bank to focus on actual high-risk incidents.

The Result

After implementing Exabeam Advanced Analytics, Union Bank experienced significant time-to-value through Exabeam processing events faster and more accurately than upwards of 100,000 staff. It was able to grow its business and capabilities without having to increase its headcount.