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Introducing Behavioral Analysis for Devices - Exabeam Entity Analytics

This week we announced Exabeam Entity Analytics, a product that analyzes the behavior of machines and devices instead of users. Why would you need this? Well, to start with, IoT. According to Gartner, over 8 billion IoT devices were in use in 2017. Eight billion! Many of these devices are vulnerable due to default credentials, un-updated or proprietary software, or lack of management (or all three). Recent stories of CCTV cameras used to mount denial[…]

Topics: Product release, SECURITY, SIEM

How Criminals Can Build a “Web Dossier” from Your Browser

All kinds of personal information, from your location, work hours, habits, banks, applications, and even passwords are there for the taking. Web browsers store an incredible amount of sensitive information about you. Website developers have a variety of ways of using modern browsers to customize the experience for users. Advertisers also use these features to maximize the impact of ads shown on sites. The result is that a lot of information about you is stored[…]


How Union Bank Gets the Most from Its Data Loss Prevention Solution

When you’re a major player in a highly-regulated industry, it becomes even more important to ensure safeguards against data exfiltration to protect your customers and your business. The question becomes, “How do you scale your data loss prevention (DLP) operations when you’re handling a huge volume of daily transactions and thousands of potential security incidents?” This post helps you understand the limits of commonly used solutions, as well as how to use Exabeam to improve[…]


Is this Chad's Personal E-mail Address? A Data Exfiltration Context

Data exfiltration is a common, multi-faceted security threat every enterprise faces. It’s defined as the unauthorized transfer of private data or intellectual property from a corporate computer to an external location. One way such illegitimate data transfer occurs is through the e-mail channel. The chance of a disgruntled or a departing employee e-mailing confidential data to their personal account is all too easy. How can this scenario be addressed? Several existing security products attempt to[…]

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Extracting Actionable Information from Windows Events

Within your corporate network, Windows event logs are a primary source of information that is critical to understanding user behavior and emerging security threats. But examining events individually does not provide the comprehensive picture that lets you see unusual or suspicious behaviors. Part of the problem is that there are a lot of events—more than 1600. You need to know which ones are important and which ones can be safely ignored. Another part of the[…]


DFIR 101: Triage Collection

During a typical day, your team might have to review dozens or hundreds of security alerts, hopefully only a fraction of which will turn out to be real incidents. As you begin your response to these alerts, rather than simply trusting the alert as 100% accurate and remediating, or pulling a full disk image from each potentially infected endpoint, you can do something in between: a triage collection. Exabeam Threat Researcher, Ryan Benson expanded on[…]


5 Things to Know About Exabeam Data Lake

Earlier this week we launched Exabeam Data Lake—previously known as Exabeam Log Manager—a security data lake that helps you collect and store unlimited amounts of security data to meet threat detection and compliance use cases.  Here are 5 things you should know about Data Lake: 1. You Can Buy It How You Want to Buy It We understand that traditionally there has been a fair amount of angst amongst SIEM buyers related to how these[…]


Webinar Recap: 2017 Cybersecurity Trends & Predictions

Today’s enterprises are under a continuous stream of cyberattacks and security operations centers need to equip themselves with what’s to come. Exabeam Chief Security Strategist, Stephen Moore and Exabeam Director of Threat Research, Barry Shteiman expanded on the current state of play and the future of cybersecurity in a recent webinar. Current State of the SOC Organizations fall into one of two categories: they have a SOC, or they don’t. Unfortunately, the many organizations that[…]


The Future of Cybersecurity & Industry Predictions

Exabeam’s Chief Security Strategist, Stephen Moore, was invited to share his predictions for the future of cybersecurity with VMBlog for 2018 as part of their 10th annual industry executive exclusive. In his post, he shares his perspective on the changing face of cybersecurity. Robust cybersecurity policies are an absolute necessity given the changing landscape of cybersecurity. People regularly ask questions like, “Do organizations even need a CISO anymore?”, “Should cybersecurity sit independent of IT?”, and[…]


Announcing Exabeam Advanced Analytics Version 3.3

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of the latest version of Exabeam Advanced Analytics (AA), our User and Entity Behavior Analytics solution.  Advanced Analytics version 3.3 helps our customers: Obtain deeper insight into user activity Streamline workflows across multiple Exabeam solutions Leverage their own data science algorithms for analytics Exabeam Advanced Analytics Version 3.3 Key features Dynamic Peer Grouping – capability examines a user’s behavior compared to their active directory (AD) peers helps[…]

Topics: data science, Product release