Cybanetix Case Study | Exabeam

MSP protects UK customers by partnering with Exabeam for industry-leading SIEM technology

Cybanetix provides small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with cybersecurity solutions. To grow its portfolio of leading security intelligence and management solutions, Cybanetix has joined the more than 150 global companies in Exabeam’s Partner Program.


According to 2017 data, SMBs comprised 61 percent of targeted breaches—up from the previous year’s 53 percent. Such cyberattacks can cost between $84K – $148K each, with some companies never fully recovering from a breach.

Yet security and IT staff in the SMB marketplace often lack awareness of the true severity of the cyber threat landscape, or they don’t have the budget to deploy anything more than basic cybersecurity tools.

In addition, Cybanetix has seen a large number of other cybersecurity companies selling legacy products and services that have outdated capabilities. Given all of this, Cybanetix recognizes that many SMBs lack adequate cyber threat protection.


Based in London, England, Cybanetix partnered with Exabeam early on to provide modern SIEM solutions to its SMB customers. “Prior to integrating Exabeam we saw legacy SIEM solutions struggling to keep up with emerging threats,” says Managing Director Martin Jakobsen.

“Generally, we were looking to make sure we had the greatest technology within the SIEM market—particularly one that could do automated detection, which has been a weakness of legacy SIEMs. After we started integrating Exabeam, we saw it leading the charge with a better, automated response within our clients’ security operations centers (SOCs).


Cybanetix offers the entire Exabeam Security Management Platform, but it primarily focuses on the Advanced Analytics product. The solutions provider finds Exabeam Advanced Analytics capabilities offer the greatest value and security for its SMB customers.

Cybanetix’s customers are impressed with the intelligence and contextual information linked to emerging security incidents derived from log data. For many Cybanetix customers, before deploying Exabeam their SOC and analyst teams only had access to an overwhelming number of security alerts—without prioritization. They were also limited to using a collection of dashboards, which often lacked the critical information needed to prevent and mitigate cyberattacks.

When Cybanetix implements Exabeam for its SMB security teams, they immediately gain the advantage of viewing alerts and logs alongside critical contextual information. Timelines
of all relevant incidents, along with information about users, are also included. Such easy access to this detailed security information has greatly increased the confidence and ability of SMB security teams to identify insider threats before they become a major breach.

For Cybanetix customers, Exabeam’s modern, “Smart” SIEM provides SMBs with SOC efficiency and productivity they’ve too often found lacking in other SIEM solutions.

“With Exabeam’s minimal configuration and low maintenance, a SOC can autonomously detect insider threats and suspicious activity. And they’re able to do this without having to create static correlation rules, those often being ineffective,” explains Jakobsen.


As an MSP, Cybanetix also performs a good deal of the heavy lifting for its customers. Here it appreciates the simple, straightforward process of integrating Exabeam’s SIEM into customer environments.

“Having a well-thought-out and highly developed product gives us a jumpstart in quickly getting SOC teams functioning at high efficiency,” Jakobsen says.

“Then it becomes more about educating our customers about what it is they’re seeing, since it does take a short ramp-up period for the Exabeam SIEM to learn user behavior patterns. But once our customers understand how it all works, they love it.”

Participating in the Exabeam Partner Program, much of the implementation ease Cybanetix realizes comes from the support it receives from Exabeam EMEA teams—as well as from the excellent US support teams.