Case Study: A1 Hrvatska - Exabeam

Exabeam Equips A1 Hrvatska with the Tools to Anticipate Future Security Trends, Threats and Vulnerabilities


Increasing Visibility Into Security Events and Improving Operational Efficiency

Founded in 1999, A1 Hrvatska is part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group – the leading provider of digital services and communication solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. With more than two million customers nationwide, A1 Hrvatska’s 2000 employees provide ISP and telecom services to just over half of Croatia.

Business Challenge

With 2.5 million customers – and growing – divided between fixed line and mobile, A1 Hrvatska knew that in order to stay ahead of changing consumer needs and diversifying cybersecurity challenges, they had to find a solution that would provide them with greater visibility into user behavior.

Additionally, the ability to build a strong security posture that could help their team reduce the time it takes to detect and respond to threats while being flexible enough to adapt to future threats had become a key factor for the security team.

Vendor Selection and Proof of Concept

Having identified that their security team needed to be able to make sense of the large volumes of logs they were collecting in order to get a better overview of user behavior; the A1 team had to look at solutions that would give them those capabilities.

In this case, automation had to play a large role in the decision-making process, as the ability to operate with a smaller team was an important factor. Whichever tools they ended up using would need to give them the ability to integrate with other technologies, and would need to be deployed on premises, so having a local vendor in Central or Eastern Europe was a must.

“For us, Exabeam’s useability, price and ease of deployment made it a very attractive solution,” said Skrgatic.

Use Cases

Ultimately, A1 Hrvatska’s security team needed the insights into their users’ behavior that would allow them to continue adding new technologies and digital streaming services. “Exabeam’s tools are based on modern technology, which gives us the ability to quickly identify and respond to anomalous user behavior,” said Skrgatic.

Utilizing Exabeam’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Tool, the A1 team has been able to single out several important user behavior patterns, based specifically on “Windows logs from domain controllers,” saving them time and improving their overall security monitoring processes.

Relying on Automation to Maintain a Small, Agile Security Team

Built on modern tech, Exabeam UEBA allows security teams to punch far above their weight without the need to hire additional staff. For A1 Hrvatska their specific needs meant that they had to remain agile without necessarily spending too much time and money scaling the size of their team.

UEBAs establishes baseline behavior using communication patterns, ports and protocols, and operating activity — automatically identifying the tell-tale signs of a security incident.

Automation, general ease of use and the Exabeam GUI makes it relatively easy for security teams to roll out UEBA and the A1 team has already seen the benefits in overall team agility and cost savings.


In our industry, various software packages access user accounts, so we needed a solution that would give us insights into that.

Sven Skrgatic

Head of Security, A1 Hrvatska

Key Benefits

  • Quality insights into user behavior
  • Improvement of security management processes
  • Time is saved based on fast results
  • Cost savings