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The Exabeam SOC Platform Helps Levi Strauss Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs

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The Exabeam SOC Platform helps increase efficiency and cut costs.

Founded in 1853, Levi Strauss opened a wholesale dry goods business in San Francisco that became known as Levi Strauss & Co. Today LS&Co. is one of the world’s largest – and most recognizable – brand-name apparel companies and a global leader in jeanswear. The company designs and markets jeans, casual wear and related accessories for men, women, and children under the Levi’s®, Dockers®, Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ and Denizen® brands.

Business Challenge

As one of the world’s most recognized apparel companies, Levi Strauss & Co. operates a globally dispersed team. With the threat landscape changing, traditional systems based on an EPS model were falling short. LS&Co, was looking for a security partner that could scope a solution to meet its needs. The company sought a team that was fast-moving, and whose skills could be augmented by a SIEM that incorporates automation into its tools.

Vendor Selection and Proof of Concept

Knowing that automation would be a key factor in driving business forward, LS&Co. had to evaluate whether a new SIEM configuration would better serve their unique business needs. Cost also played a role in the decision-making process. LS&Co. asked questions around cost efficiency, operational experience under pressure, and the ability to adapt in changing conditions.

“Since we wanted better visibility in our environment, we needed to bring in more data. Legacy licensing models and others that focus on event per second are not scalable in today’s data-driven security teams,” said Anderson.

Use Cases

Having already used Exabeam products, the LS&Co. team decided to migrate to using a full Exabeam Security Management Platform.

“When looking at new platforms to support our detection and response cybersecurity teams and functions, we knew we wanted new architectures and leading-edge technologies. These elements best position us for the future,” said Anderson.

By using Advanced Analytics paired with Smart Timelines, the LS&Co. team can see exactly what is going on, from a timing perspective, in terms of incidents. Through this process, investigations become quicker and efficient, thus increasing resolvability. Embracing automation with Exabeam ultimately strengthened the LS&Co. team’s speed of maneuver – how fast you move from finding a vulnerability to mitigating the threat.

Partnering with Exabeam for a Tailored Solution

A major factor in deciding on a new SIEM, and ultimately sticking with Exabeam, was the need to find a partner that understood the exact and unique needs of the LS&Co. team.

“Our Exabeam partnership helped to make our team more efficient and has been a core building block within our cybersecurity program,” Anderson mentioned.

Often, when tools change, processes have to follow suit. But for LS&Co., an Exabeam partnership allowed for the development of a product that truly aligns with the way LS&Co. wants to work.

“Exabeam really does partner with us. They leverage us as a development partner and helped design tools that work the way our teams work,” said Ryan Clarque, Senior Global Cybersecurity Manager at LS&Co.


Looking at the landscape of SIEM products out there, we were searching for underlying technology and architecture that lends itself to meeting the needs of a more agile security team.

Colin Anderson

Chief Information Security Officer, Levi's

Key Benefits

  • Cost savings
  • 5x more visibility into security events
  • Increased efficiency
  • More agile teams