Case Study: Identropy - Exabeam

Identropy Combines IAM and SIEM to Achieve Next-generation Identity Governance

Fusion SIEM

Through a partnership with Exabeam, Identropy provides a managed services solution that enables customers to detect and remediate anomalous behaviors. Identropy’s identity and access management (IAM) solution combined with Exabeam’s security and event management (SIEM) solution, create a powerful synergy. In a single solution, you can have full awareness of user access rights and an understanding of what users are doing with that access.

Automated Workflows Simplify Response

Identropy can configure workflows to help remediate abnormal behaviors. For example, if the system detects a user logging in from China when they normally log in only from Tennessee, the workflow might trigger a message to the user’s manager to find out whether that user is traveling in China and whether they should be accessing the systems they are accessing. If not, the workflow can de-provision the user.

When you combine technology that knows who has access to each of your organization’s assets with technology that has the ability to identify abnormal access patterns, much of your security landscape is covered. You no longer need to rely on highly-trained analysts performing intensive investigations to make sure that your network is secure.


As the industry evolves between governance and analytics, we’re seeing very dynamic threat detection and breach mitigation solutions. What I love about working with Exabeam is that they do what they say and they are committed to their partnerships. To be aligned with a company that is adding so much value to the market is a tremendous benefit to us.

Luis Almeida

Vice President of Sales, Identropy