Case Study: Asahi Kasei Chooses Exabeam Fusion to Modernize Their SOC - Exabeam

Asahi Kasei Chooses Exabeam Fusion to Modernize Their SOC


Asahi Kasei, a Japan-based developer and manufacturer of materials, has decided to revitalize their security stack with a modern, zero-trust approach. As part of this transition, their security team chose to switch from an unstable on-premises legacy SIEM to a new solution that would protect against attacks while not requiring extensive time and effort on the part of their analysts.

The Asahi Kasei team chose Exabeam Fusion over competitors due to the product’s cloud-native architecture, exceptional behavioral detection capabilities, quick and flexible searches, and task automation features. Now, Asahi Kasei can maximize the speed and effectiveness of their security team while also greatly enhancing their organization’s defenses.


Key Benefits

  • Exceptional behavioral analytics detect abnormal behavior within the organization’s environment.
  • Cloud-native architecture allows for greater scale and stability.
  • Task automation features, faster searches, and regular version upgrades enhance security team operations.