Case Study: Secure Soft - Exabeam

Secure Soft Chooses Exabeam to Boost the Value of its Cyber SOC Offering


The Challenge

Secure Soft Corporation provides network cyber defense services to an expanding South American customer base in Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. As a relatively small company, it needs to leverage technology that can differentiate it from its competitors, while enabling it to expand its business with maximum efficiency.

Such technology must be easy to connect to their customers’ operations, and any solution must be able to maximize analyst efficiency to keep costs competitive. Conventional security solutions would burden analysts with too many false alarms, requiring them to devote ever more human resources to tracking issues that are not true threats. In short, it requires a SOC solution that does most of the work of identifying and surfacing actual cyber threats.

The Results

Secure Soft chose Exabeam because our solution addresses each of these needs. Our prebuilt connectors enable Secure Soft to easily and quickly onboard new customers’ data sources. The Exabeam Advanced Analytics machine learning feature automatically identifies anomalous user behavior within the operations of Secure Soft customers.

Exabeam Threat Hunter then enables its analysts to focus on those users who represent a true risk to its customers—without being flooded with the volume of false alarms typical of conventional solutions. And Exabeam’s orchestration enables Secure Soft to automate security operations, generating an alert with each ticket to help ensure that every true threat is tracked to its conclusion.

Growing a Small Business in the Competitive Cybersecurity Arena

Secure Soft recognized the need to provide network cybersecurity solutions to a growing market. And it has differentiated itself with solutions that emphasize efficiency and modern technology. It includes Exabeam in its solutions portfolio to ensure that it can stay on top of cyber threats without exponentially expanding its analyst pool. In short, Exabeam enables Secure Soft to offer an efficient, state-of-the-art cyber defense infrastructure.


Technologically advanced companies like Exabeam allow us to better understand the truly anomalous user behavior that matters to our business. The value is in being able to maximize our efficiency at analyzing events that could pose a threat to our clients’ businesses.

Jorge Castañeda

Corporate General Manager, Secure Soft