Generative AI and Top Honors: Highlights from Google Cloud Next ‘23 - Exabeam

Generative AI and Top Honors: Highlights from Google Cloud Next ‘23

September 25, 2023


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August was a whirlwind month, capped by the much-anticipated Google Cloud Next ‘23, presented by our leading cloud integration partner. You may have heard the news about Exabeam winning the 2023 Technology Partner of the Year award from Google Cloud or our recent announcement about partnering with Google Cloud on generative AI features for the security operations center (SOC). Well, if you missed any of that, here is a quick rundown. 

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2023 Technology Partner of the Year Award

We are incredibly proud to have been honored with the 2023 Technology Partner of the Year award. Exabeam partnered with Google Cloud to offer our customers cloud-scale storage and computing solutions to address the growing challenges of collecting the right data, reducing alert noise, and optimizing data storage costs. Leveraging Google Cloud products like Cloud Run, Cloud Storage, Cloud Spanner, BigTable, BigQuery, Looker, and other services has enhanced our ability to empower our customers with accelerated security analytics and threat mitigation. 

We look forward to building more innovations into our product line that drive efficiencies for our customers. 

Generative AI for improving security operations

Generative AI is a big thing these days, but at Exabeam, we’ve been at the forefront of incorporating AI-related technologies into cybersecurity for more than a decade. We pioneered user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) by applying the power of machine learning to automate threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR). By tapping into Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities, we’ve improved search and investigations about notable incidents, streamlined repetitive security operations tasks, boosted TDIR accuracy, and ultimately simplified cybersecurity reports for all company stakeholders. 

Insights from Google Cloud Next

Google Cloud Next ’23 was the first large-scale live event Google Cloud has hosted since the beginning of the pandemic. As expected, it was an engaging and exciting gathering with plenty of fanfare, including a performance by LL Cool J.

During the event, the Exabeam team celebrated our Technology Partner of the Year Award, met face-to-face with fellow Google Cloud partners, and attended engaging sessions on generative AI and the future of cybersecurity.

Exabeam participated in two panels at the event. Our VP of Product Management, Andy Skrei, elaborated on how we deliver customer value in our product with BigQuery, while our Director of Product Marketing, Jeannie Warner, discussed our innovative plans for generative AI. 

What’s “next” for us and Google Cloud?

We have plenty of exciting developments in store for the coming months to help demonstrate the benefits of our cloud-native SIEM solutions and our partnership with Google Cloud. If you would like to learn more, check out these upcoming events:

For more information about our partnership, visit the Google Cloud partner page.

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