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Google + Exabeam

Powering Exabeam’s New-Scale SIEM™ portfolio of products

Exabeam selected Google Cloud as the foundation on which we architected our hyperscale cloud-native Exabeam Security Operations Platform and product portfolio, providing customers with cloud-scale storage and compute to address the growing challenges of collecting the right data, increased alert noise, and the rising cost of data storage.

Google Cloud is also a valued technology alliance partner. Exabeam ingests log data from Google Workspace and Google’s productivity and collaboration tools and offers response automation through Incident Responder. By working together, Google customers can better mitigate any security concerns affecting end users and devices. 

Key Benefits:

  • Petabytes of log ingestion and storage — Exabeam products use Google Cloud Run and Dataflow to provide customers with scalable ingestion, parsing, storage, and intelligent search capabilities to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) substantially.
  • Quickly detect anomalous activity — Detect, investigate, and respond to abnormal activity that often goes undetected by legacy SIEMs. Exabeam leverages Google BigQuery and Looker to enhance security analytics and dashboarding.
  • Ingest logs from Google products — Increase cloud and user security by ingesting log data from Google Cloud Workspace and Google’s productivity and collaboration tools.
  • Available on Google Cloud Marketplace — Easily procure Exabeam through the Google Cloud Marketplace using Google Cloud credits. 

What we do with Google Cloud integrations

Exabeam collects data through a single interface that gathers Google Cloud, Google Workspace, and log data from 290+ IT and security vendors. This provides enriched insights and risk scoring to security operations teams.

Powering Exabeam’s New-Scale SIEMTM portfolio of products Google


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