Google - Exabeam

Google + Exabeam

Secure Google Cloud users with Cloud Connectors

Exabeam is partnered with Google Cloud to prevent internal and external threats on their products along with 500+ IT and security solutions. By integrating Google Cloud with Exabeam, security operations teams can detect, investigate, and resolve security threats from the cloud that outdated tools miss — in record time.

  • Effectively store and analyze log data to assess security risk across end users and devices
  • Detect, triage, and investigate advanced attacks not typically found by legacy SIEM providers
  • Out-of-the-box Cloud Connectors collect data from the Google Cloud Platform including Pub/Sub, G Workspace, BigQuery and more.

What we do with Google Cloud

Exabeam provides out-of-the-box Cloud Connectors to collect data from Google Cloud Platform to enrich and provide complete security coverage

Exabeam Fusion XDR and SIEM now available in Google Cloud Marketplace


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