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Exabeam Security Investigation Now Includes Seven Days of Search

August 30, 2023


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Exabeam Security Investigation has been upgraded to provide an expanded seven-day window of Search to support your threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) workflow. Previously, analysts could only search for Exabeam-triggered events and access the 10 most recent events associated with these anomalies. Now, the scope of search is no longer limited to anomalies; analysts can search for all events and anomalies spanning the last week.

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A streamlined approach to uncover and address threats 

Many security operations teams lack standard procedures and expertise to cope with specific threats, hampering the ability to efficiently and effectively operationalize their legacy security information and event management (SIEM) solution or data lake for TDIR. The incumbent set of tools is limiting, without a unified control center for analysts. Consequently, security operations teams are forced to run manual, disjointed workflows across multiple tools. This leads to frustratingly slow, inconsistent, and incomplete TDIR, leaving security operations teams at a disadvantage against the sophistication and fast pace of hard-to-detect credential-based attacks.

Empowering TDIR with automation and insight

Exabeam Security Investigation empowers organizations to enhance their existing SIEM or data lake with advanced threat detection and outcome-focused TDIR practices. Noteworthy features include prescriptive threat investigations, along with cutting-edge automation and industry-leading behavioral analytics. This enables the detection of, investigation of, and response to complex threats that often elude other tools.

Built on user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), Exabeam Security Investigation establishes a baseline of normal activity for all users and entities, visualizing all notable events within contextualized, automated Smart TimelinesTM. Analysts can see user and entity contextual data, facilitating the identification of malicious behavior and minimizing attacker dwell time within an environment. 

Comprehensive threat coverage and automation

Exabeam Security Investigation includes prepackaged detection content for various use cases, including compromised insiders, malicious insiders, and external threats. These come complete with prescribed workflows for compromised credentials, privileged access, and phishing scenarios. The provided checklists offer step-by-step guidance for responding to specific threat types, enabling successful TDIR outcomes. All workflows can be executed from a single control plane, automating tasks like alert triage, incident investigation, and incident response, including security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) operations. This level of security operations center (SOC) automation ensures consistent, repeatable results, scaling operations and accelerating investigations while curbing response times.

Experience the power of New-Scale SIEM™ with seven days of Search

Exabeam Security Investigation now includes seven days of Search to support your TDIR workflow. The Search application allows analysts to search for correlation or specific vendor events, indicators of compromise (IoCs), and Exabeam-generated anomalies. Search offers a user-friendly query builder wizard to effortlessly point and click to select from a list of intelligent fields. This eliminates the need to learn a proprietary query language and expedites the creation of effective search queries, ultimately saving time during the investigation process.

With the capability to search for all events and anomalies occurring in the past seven days, analysts can proactively uncover vulnerabilities and threats that might have evaded other security tools. No matter the scope of the situation, Exabeam provides full returns on all affected entities. Once a hypothesis is formed, threat hunters can use the Search app to craft queries that span the week, pinpointing visibility gaps, new detections, and security incidents.

Also, security analysts responsible for analyzing security alerts and tool-generated events can rely on Search to further investigate and triage alerts from both third-party and Exabeam sources. Investigating alerts helps filter out potential security incidents, determine the severity and impact of the alert, and remediate or pass the alert to a team for further investigation. Accelerated investigations translate to fast and efficient incident response, effectively containing and mitigating the impact of security incidents.

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Are you struggling to find a reliable SIEM solution? Exabeam offers a purpose-built solution that simplifies security investigations and helps teams detect intrusions and malicious activity. With simple search interfaces, context-enhanced parsing, and data visualization, Exabeam can cut security task time by 51%. 

Exabeam offers UEBA and SIEM capabilities in the same interface with cloud-native innovation, advanced analytics capabilities, and improved threat detection and response. Watch our webinar to learn how Exabeam provides better security outcomes than traditional SIEM solutions like Splunk. 

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