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Not all SIEMs are Created Equal

Are you struggling to find a reliable security information and event management (SIEM) solution? Exabeam offers a purpose-built solution that simplifies security investigations and helps teams detect intrusions and malicious activity. With simple search interfaces, context-enhanced parsing, and data visualization, Exabeam can cut security task time by 51%. 

Exabeam also offers UEBA and SIEM capabilities in the same interface with cloud-native innovation, advanced analytics capabilities, and improved threat detection and response. Join our webinar to learn howExabeam provides better security outcomes than other traditional SIEMs such as Splunk. 

You will learn:

  • How Exabeam helps organizations combat evolving cyberthreats with Smart TimelinesTM and security tactics
  • Ways in which Exabeam delivers better security outcomes with automation to reduce time spent on security tasks, ease of use without the need for specialized skills, robust behavioral models and visualization strengths, advanced analytics and threat hunting capabilities, and more
  • How Exabeam can help organizations improve their security posture and see a faster return on investment

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about a Next-gen SIEM solution. Register now for our webinar and discover how Exabeam can make your security operations more efficient and effective.


Jeannie Warner
Director, Product Marketing | Exabeam

Vladislav Babiuk
Manager, Market Intelligence | Exabeam

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