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9 InfoSec Resources You Might Have Missed in July

August 04, 2022


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At Exabeam, part of our mission is to help keep security professionals educated and informed on threat detection and incident response topics. In July, we created several resources for you. In case you missed them, here are nine of our most recent pieces geared toward helping you mature your SOC and enhance your security posture with XDR and next-gen SIEM. Whether you’re a CISO or a security practitioner, there is something on this list for you.

1. The CISOs Response Plan After a Breach | Webinar 

There’s no escaping the fact that post-breach leadership is a part of every security team member’s job. Spearheading post-breach action and recovery is the ultimate test of a security leader’s skills, confidence, and mettle. But it is also an opportunity for you and your organization to collaborate and shine in the face of adversity. Whether you’ve lived through the experience of a previous breach, or are patiently waiting your turn, this webinar will help you navigate the waters of post-breach response for when the inevitable occurs.

2. The New CISO Podcast: Train the Way You Fight, Fight the Way You Train | Podcast

In this episode of The New CISO podcast, Steve is joined again by Dr. Adrian Mayers, VP and CISO at Premera Blue Cross, to dig deeper into his knowledge of insider threat management and intelligence. As an experienced CISO, Dr. Mayersunderstands the difficulties of a cybersecurity career. With this in mind, he shares the day-to-day obstacles of the profession and what aspiring CISOs can expect from the job. Listen to the episode to learn more about the pressures CISOs face, the psychology of insider threats, and how to work past life’s challenges.

3. Administering Advanced Analytics Fundamentals (SaaS) | Data Sheet

In this two-day instructor-led course, Exabeam administrators will learn how to configure, support, troubleshoot, and optimize the Exabeam Security Operations (SecOps) Platform. Administrators will learn a wide range of important tasks and supporting areas of knowledge, including, but not limited to, describing the data flow, configuring the settings on the admin pages, tuning rules effectively, and much more.

4. Onboarding Data for Advanced Analytics (on-prem) | Data Sheet

In this five-day virtual instructor-led course, administrators will learn how to configure the analytics components and the investigation capabilities of the Exabeam Security Management Platform. The purpose of this course is to prepare administrators to configure Advanced Analytics and to understand the Advanced Analytics processing pipeline. Administrators will also gain a better understanding of the processing pipeline so that analysts can benefit quickly from machine learning, thus identifying threats quickly and effectively. This means a deep dive into the stages of the data flow and how to configure the key analytical components in Advanced Analytics, including rules, models, and parsers. 

5. The New CISO Podcast: Don’t Be Afraid to Break Things | Blog 

On a recent episode of The New CISO podcast, David Lingenfelter, Vice President of Information Security at Penn National Gaming, discussed the importance of constantly learning and evolving in the information technology (IT) security field. After falling into his passion for IT, David quickly realized just how far his knowledge could take him if he constantly built upon it. After a nearly 30-year-long career in IT with a focus on computer security, he shared his experiences growing and advancing through his work in the industry. 

6. The New CISO Podcast: Invest in Your Team | Blog 

On a recent episode of The New CISO podcast, Zane Gittins, IT Security Manager and co-founder of Rincon Security, discussed what he’s learned about building and managing an IT team. From computer science to consulting, Zane shared the journey of his career and what led him to focus on cybersecurity visibility. He also talked about his approach to training security teams, how he keeps up to date on his business and the security industry, and the importance of documentation.

7. The New CISO Podcast: Cybersecurity Trends and Practices | Blog 

On a recent episode of The New CISO podcast, Chuck Markarian, CISO for Paccar, and Sean Murphy, CISO for BECU, shared their insights on current trends in cybersecurity, and delved into their predictions for the field and the changing relationships within it. They also discussed the political influence in cybersecurity, cybersecurity insurance, breach simulations, third-party vendors, and more. 

8. What’s New in Exabeam Product Development – July 2022 | Blog 

July continued our exciting movement toward new cloud-native features and capability improvements. It’s time to catch up on the activity and innovation from the Exabeam Engineering, UI, and Product Management departments. Read the article to learn more about updated Site Collector, Turnkey Playbooks for all Fusion customers, education updates, and Advanced Analytics (AA) i62.3. 

9. Who Cares? Exabeam Cares | Blog 

Recently, our company asked its employees to push the pause button at work to go out and serve in our communities. And we did. In a big way. Whether through centrally planned activities with colleagues or just on our own, our executive team asked us to invest in the communities where we live. As a result, Exabeamers all over the globe stopped what we were doing for a day and went to serve in soup kitchens, food pantries, community centers, and schools. We pulled weeds at Botanic Gardens in Southport, UK;  served our Veterans in California, volunteered at schools in Africa, put together school kits in Pune, India, and much more.

Learn more about Supply Chain Breaches and other OT/IoT Scenarios

For more insights, register for our webinar, Supply Chain Breaches and other OT/IoT Scenarios.

You’ll learn about:

  • What steps can CISOs and IT security teams take to mitigate risk from supply chain attacks
  • How SIEM and XDR solutions can detect attacks that have slipped past your perimeter defenses
  • How third-party credentials are being used, and how user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) can help detect unauthorized access
Supply Chain Breaches and other OT/IoT Scenarios

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