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Supply Chain Breaches and other OT/IoT Scenarios

Today with international sourcing, the mixture of proprietary and open-source code, and enormous variability in vendor practices, perfectly securing the enterprise supply chain borders upon the impossible.

The list of supply chain attacks is long and infamous, and, of course, this applies to hardware as well – peripherals, networking equipment, and IoT devices. But in the end, the commonality to all IoT devices and supply chain attacks is the compromise of credentials and authentication, followed by abuses of network privileges in proliferation and spread.

The infamous SolarWinds supply chain cyberattack in December 2020 was devastating not only because of its reach – extending to at least nine federal agencies, critical infrastructure entities, and more than 100 private sector organizations. Its sophisticated strategy made it virtually invisible unless you had tools to uncover user behavior.

Meet with Exabeam experts to learn:

  • What steps can CISOs, and IT security teams take to mitigate risk from supply chain attacks
  • How SIEM and XDR solutions can detect attacks that have slipped past your perimeter defenses
  • How 3rd-party credentials are being used, and how user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) can help detect unauthorized access


Christopher Beier
Senior Product Marketing Manager | Exabeam

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