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The CISOs Response Plan After a Breach

There’s no escaping the fact that post-breach leadership is a part of every security team member’s job. Spearheading post-breach action and recovery is the ultimate test of a security leader’s skills, confidence, and mettle. But it is also an opportunity for you and your organization to collaborate and shine in the face of adversity. Whether you’ve lived through the experience of a previous breach, or are patiently waiting your turn, this webinar will help you navigate the waters of post-breach response for when the inevitable occurs.

During this session, Steve and Sam discuss:

  • Planning and playing well with others
  • SITREPs – what, when, and who needs to know
  • When to communicate with and without emotion
  • Consistency when communicating (internal and external)
  • Containment and remediation — one big event or a journey?
  • How to foster a culture of learning, not blame
  • Dealing with the aftermath of audits and future scrutiny


Sam Humphries
Marketing Director, EMEA | Exabeam

Steve Moore
Chief Security Strategist | Exabeam

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