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What’s New in Exabeam Product Development – August 2022

August 31, 2022


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August went fast with some exciting new updates, and it’s time to catch up on all the activity and innovation from the Exabeam Engineering, UI, and Product Management departments. Our teams have been upgrading and rolling out new products and improvements. Here’s a short summary of the latest cool new updates we rolled out this month:

The new Collector application is here for SaaS!

Site Collector

Exabeam SaaS customers have been upgraded with a new cloud-native syslog collector on the Exabeam security operation platform. This widely-accepted collection standard has improved performance and scalability up to 10k EPS per SC and 10 collectors per customer instance.

Performance was also improved for the updated Splunk Collector at double the previous events per second.

Documentation for Syslog collector

Cloud Collector

Cloud collectors have a new easy-to-use management experience which allows customers to browse available collectors with the lowest level of permissions. Customers achieve quick and easy collector installations, improved monitoring, and self-service troubleshooting with a new cloud-native app.

An updated Zscaler webhook collector is now available. Zscaler webhook collector allows sending data and application events over HTTPS protocol. The collector uses a token-based authentication model. This feature eliminates the need for vendor-specific collection implementation, achieves faster setup, and gets more data returned.

Documentation for all connectors and collectors


Exabeam Search continues to add powerful new features. This month includes custom fields  which allows analysts to build faster queries and a regex engine applicable to any string field for advanced queries.

All new customers will discover this experience as they come aboard. Existing customers are in the midst of updates and migrations over the summer and early fall. 

Documentation for Exabeam Search


Enjoy a new documentation portal look and feel — thanks to input from you, the customer, on how we can better organize your workflow and information lookups. 

Documentation Portal refresh

Stay tuned and watch this space! We have an exciting set of August upgrades and improvements we’re looking forward to sharing with you!

Learn more about these product updates

Visit the Exabeam Community for webinars and announcements.

Exabeam Community

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