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Exabeam IRAP Assessment Completion Creates New Opportunities for Partners in Australia 

December 04, 2023


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In the realm of cybersecurity, safeguarding sensitive government data is a paramount concern, and recent strides in this arena have positioned Exabeam as a key player in Australia. Exabeam has completed an Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment at the PROTECTED level, a significant milestone aligning its AI-driven security operations solutions with the rigorous standards set forth by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). This achievement not only underscores the Exabeam commitment to excellence, but also signals a new era for our partners to offer solutions that fortify the cybersecurity defences of Australian government agencies.  

Understanding the IRAP Assessment in Australia 

The IRAP assessment, spearheaded by the ASD, is a vital component of Australia’s cybersecurity strategy. It evaluates and ensures the security of information and communication technology (ICT) systems, making it a benchmark for solutions aimed at handling classified and sensitive government information. 

The Exabeam Commitment to Australia’s Cybersecurity Landscape 

Completion of the Exabeam IRAP assessment is a testament to the company’s dedication to addressing the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by Australian government agencies. The assessment signifies that the Exabeam Security Operations Platform aligns with best practices and demonstrates a commitment to data security and compliance. The completion of the IRAP assessment provides our partners with a unique opportunity to service the Australian government with best-in-class solutions that meet the stringent IRAP ASD standards.  

“We are excited about this important investment from Exabeam to further support Australian government agencies to leverage their market leading platform.  With our own recent investments into supporting federal government and defence, being previously awarded the most certified partner in APAC and being 100% Australian owned sovereign business, this provides a winning combination for our customers.”  

Aaron Bailey, CISO of The Missing Link  

Key Implications for Australian Government Cybersecurity: 

The Exabeam IRAP assessment enables the company and its partners to provide exceptional value to Australian government agencies. 

  1. Meeting National Security Standards: The Exabeam IRAP assessment aligns with Australia’s national security objectives. By completing the assessment on the standards set by the ASD, the Exabeam solution stands as a stalwart defender against evolving cybersecurity threats. 
  1. As a Trusted Partner for Government Agencies: The assessment establishes Exabeam and its Australian partners as trusted advisors for Australian government agencies. It provides assurance that Exabeam’s solutions adhere to the highest cybersecurity standards, fostering trust and confidence in the effectiveness of the deployed security measures. 
  1. Enhanced Incident Response Capabilities: With AI-driven advanced threat detection and incident response features, the Exabeam Security Operations Platform equips Australian government agencies with the tools needed to swiftly respond to and mitigate security incidents. This proactive approach is essential for minimizing the impact of potential breaches by enabling early detection and response to any abnormal behavior.  
  1. Tailored Compliance Management: Australian government agencies often operate within a framework of stringent regulatory requirements. The Exabeam solution offers tailored compliance management features, ensuring that agencies can easily adhere to and report on the necessary regulations, including alignment with the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework.  
  1. Exabeam IRAP Assessment Completion Creates New Opportunities for Partners in Australia: As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, Exabeam’s completion of the IRAP assessment positions the company and its Australian partners as significant cyber defense suppliers to the Australian government.  


Completion of the Exabeam IRAP assessment is a significant milestone, making the company a reliable partner in strengthening the cybersecurity defenses of the Australian government sector. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the collaboration between government agencies and cybersecurity solution providers is crucial in building resilient and adaptive security frameworks. The Exabeam commitment to excellence and its IRAP assessment completion position it as a key player in the ongoing mission to safeguard sensitive information and uphold the security of government entities. 

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