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Exabeam Commences IRAP Assessment Process for New-Scale SIEM™

August 16, 2023


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Exabeam is pleased to announce the initiation of an IRAP Assessment for our cutting-edge New-Scale SIEM™ suite of solutions against the Information Security Manual’s requirements for Protected systems. By undergoing this comprehensive assessment, Exabeam is actively pursuing the attainment of an “Authority to Operate” status from Australian government agencies, up to the level of Protected classification.

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Understanding IRAP

The Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) serves as a framework designed to evaluate an organisation’s security controls in relation to the security requisites mandated by the Australian government. These requisites are articulated within the Information Security Manual (ISM) and the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF). The Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC), a division of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), established IRAP.

In simple terms, the IRAP assessment provides assurance to businesses, public sector organisations, law enforcement, military, healthcare, and government entities. It affirms that the New-Scale SIEM portfolio has the appropriate and effective security controls and policies that meet or exceed the stipulated requirements of the Australian Government Information Security Manual.

IRAP’s purview encompasses all Australian federal, state, and local government agencies employing cloud services. Given that New Zealand government agencies align with standards akin to the Australian Government ISM, they also find value in leveraging IRAP assessments.

Why IRAP for Exabeam

Our primary objective is to empower all our customers, including government agencies, with access to the capabilities of New-Scale SIEM.

Exabeam recognises the paramount importance of delivering secure services and we are unwavering in our commitment to provide our customers with an added layer of assurance concerning the protection of their data — both present and future. A successful IRAP assessment would augment the array of global accreditations  Exabeam already maintains. 

Existing Exabeam certifications, including ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018, coupled with SOC 2 Type II auditing, Privacy Shield registration and certification, and robust technical and organisational measures in compliance with GDPR, underscore our dedication to security.

Engaging in the IRAP Assessment illustrates our continuous dedication to delivering and maintaining cloud-native SIEM solutions in accordance with the most exacting security benchmarks. These standards not only fulfil the requisites of Australian federal, state, and local governments, but also offer the essential reassurance sought by our commercial customers.

An introduction to New-Scale SIEM

New-Scale SIEM redefines security operations with a potent fusion of cloud-scale security log management, behavioural analytics, and an automated investigation experience. This breakthrough approach is an amalgamation of capabilities security operations demand, encapsulated within user-friendly products. Its capabilities include rapid data ingestion, a cloud-native data lake, lightning-fast query performance, powerful behavioural analytics for unprecedented insights, and automation that streamlines the analysts’ workflow.

The cloud-scale architecture of Exabeam Security Log Management ensures swift ingestion, parsing, storage, and retrieval of data. Behavioural analytics establish a baseline of normal user and device behaviour via histograms, enabling the detection, prioritisation and response to anomalies based on risk. An automated investigation experience spans the threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) continuum, providing a holistic view of threats while automating manual processes and simplifying complex tasks.


Exabeam modernises today’s security operations centres (SOCs) with industry-leading advanced analytics and by automating the entire TDIR workflow. This accelerates the pace of investigations and the resolution of security incidents. 

By embarking on the IRAP assessment journey, Exabeam demonstrates our ongoing dedication to the Australian market. This commitment ensures that government agencies and associated public sector entities across both Australia and New Zealand gain equitable access to New-Scale SIEM, similar to their corporate counterparts.

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