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Threat Intelligence

Exabeam Threat intelligence Service provides real-time insights to uncover indicators of compromised (IOC) and malicious hosts in your environment.

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Fully integrate native threat intelligence into your workflows

The Exabeam Threat Intelligence Service is available free-of-charge to all Exabeam customers. Fields in this Threat Intelligence Service can be incorporated into correlation rules and behavioral analysis models to identify risk by indicating IP and domain reputation, without engineers having to integrate third-party feeds, or write scripts, and without analysts having to alter their workflows.

Stay up-to-date, drive outcomes

Security analysts need to have the most up-to-date threat intelligence to be effective. Content in our threat intelligence service is updated daily, so analysts will always be able to quickly identify and mitigate the newest and emerging attacks for consistent and outcome-driven security practices.

See how Exabeam shines a light on threats.

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Exabeam Threat Intelligence Service

Natively Integrated Threat Intelligence Enables Smarter Work…

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