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Threat Intelligence at Scale

Exabeam Threat Intelligence Service provides real-time insights to uncover indicators of compromised (IOC) hosts and users – with no additional license cost.

Learn how you can avoid disjointed workflows and add-on fees.

Fully integrate native threat intelligence into your workflows

Fields in the Threat Intelligence Service can be incorporated into correlation rules and behavioral analysis models to identify risk by indicating IP, domain, and URL reputation – including TOR endpoints – without having to integrate third-party feeds, write scripts, or alter analyst workflows.

Threat Intelligence - Fully integrate native threat intelligence into your workflows

Get latest threat information, drive outcomes

Content in our Threat Intelligence Service is updated daily, so analysts will always be able to quickly identify and mitigate the newest and emerging attacks for consistent and outcome-driven security practices.

The Exabeam Resource Library

Learn more about the Exabeam platform and information security with our collection of white papers, podcasts, webinars and more.

The Leading Next-Gen SIEM and XDR.

Most reported breaches involved lost or stolen credentials. How can you keep pace?

Exabeam delivers SOC teams industry-leading analytics, patented anomaly detection, and Smart Timelines™ to help teams pinpoint the actions that lead to exploits.

Whether you need a SIEM replacement, a legacy SIEM modernization with XDR, Exabeam offers advanced, modular, and cloud-delivered TDIR.

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