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Keys to the Kingdom: Guidance for Effective Zero Trust Architecture

In today’s digital landscape, the cost of a security breach to your organization can be tremendous, both in terms of reputation and money. Traditional security access controls have fallen short, leaving organizations vulnerable to attacks. That’s where Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) comes in. By moving defenses away from a perimeter focus with “some” trusted access, to an assumed breach, “trust no one, verify everyone” mindset, ZTA presents a strategy to fill in the gaps exploited by malicious insiders and credential-based attacks. 

This paper aims to resolve the confusion surrounding ZTA and provide security leaders with a clear strategy for implementing ZTA in their organizations. You’ll learn: 

  • What ZTA is and is not 
  • Key concepts of ZTA 
  • Optimal strategies for implementing ZTA
  • Difference in vendor approaches and how to select the best fit for your organization
  • The importance of analytics to identify baseline behavior and detect anomalies that could indicate a security breach

Download this paper now to discover how ZTA can protect your organization from security breaches. With practical strategies and clear insights, you’ll be well-equipped to safeguard your organization against costly security breaches.

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