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Alert Triage

Quickly dismiss or escalate security alerts.

Learn how you can get visibility into all alerts through a centralized view.

Visibility of alerts

Tier 1 analysts receive an overwhelming number of security alerts each day spread across various security tools. Exabeam Alert Triage provides a unified view of third-party and Exabeam Data Lake-triggered security alerts, so analysts can review alerts faster and quickly identify which alerts pose a threat to their organization.

Categorized alerts for focused triage

A dedicated alerts page can display thousands of alerts, making it difficult to decide which alert to review first. Filters categorize security alerts by shared traits such as vendor, alert name, alert type, and severity for better distribution of work and added focus.

Aggregated alerts to improve analyst productivity

Misconfigurations of third-party tools or repetitive user actions that fire off hundreds of the same alert can cause an analyst to miss alerts that pose a threat to their organization. Exabeam automatically aggregates high-frequency alerts that share the same name, type, vendor, and severity, so an analyst can triage alerts in batches.

Automatic alert enrichment

Alerts lack information needed to understand the risk profile of an alert forcing an analyst to manually gather evidence from their SIEM and security point products. Exabeam provides contextual information and a user and entity timeline of related activity, so analysts can easily understand what happened before and after the alert was triggered.

A streamlined workflow to escalate alerts

An alert that poses a risk to your organization must be escalated for further review, but often there is no clear escalation workflow. Alert Triage automatically creates a case when an alert is escalated, streamlining the handoff of an alert for further investigation.

The Exabeam Resource Library

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False positives happen. Mistakes happen. Attacks happen. And breaches happen.

Your SIEM functions as the control center for TDIR. Managing TDIR with a legacy SIEM could be the difference between a headache and a headline.

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