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Telecommunications Giant Teams Up with Exabeam to Mitigate Internal Fraud

November 28, 2021


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Jupiter Telecommunications, Japan’s largest cable television provider, recently found itself facing what many would consider an enviable problem. They were undergoing an expansion, including the acquisition of corporations, many of which with varying security postures. Jupiter prioritized data protection and wanted to focus on addressing internal fraud across the organization. Said Hideki Tsutsui, Cybersecurity Manager at Jupiter Telecommunications: “We hadn’t had any particular incidents related to internal fraud, but we heard of incidents at other companies and as we have millions of personal information about our customers, we felt establishing strong internal fraud countermeasures were essential.”

Tsutsui’s team knew even the strongest identification and response security controls meant little without data analysis support. To identify internal fraud and establish effective countermeasures, the Jupiter team needed a tool to capture and analyze log data effectively. Fortunately for Jupiter, Exabeam Advanced Analytics platform provided the security measurement solution, including log analysis and machine learning (ML) to detect fraudulent user behavior. Read the entire Jupiter case study, “Helping Jupiter Telecommunications Fight Internal Fraud Across A Dispersed Environment“.

Internal threat visibility and analysis

Out of the gate, the Jupiter team knew little regarding the assessment and monitoring of internal fraud. However, they did understand that countering internal threats hinged on the successful collection and analysis of log data — a critical function their team currently lacked. Initially, the team tried conducting threat modeling with field personnel from various departments with limited success. They concluded it would be better to analyze volumes of existing log data to detect abnormal user behavior.

Capturing log data for threat analysis presented several problems for Jupiter. First, this process required a “parser” to facilitate the study and understanding of the asset management tool logs. Most SIEM solutions on the market don’t offer this support, leaving organizations to search independently to fill the parser function. Going in-house complicates the process, requiring the recreation of learning and rules for fraud detection, narrowing the overall support scope. Also, SIEMs traditionally add on log-based charges, which can grow costly as more logs become necessary.

Smooth process of support and function

Fortunately for Jupiter Telecomms, Exabeam Advanced Analytics platform was available in Japan. With Exabeam security management solution on the job, the Jupiter team immediately began enjoying a superior level of support and function. They took full advantage of the Exabeam platform’s ability to perform log data analysis, boosted by machine learning to quickly detect fraudulent user behavior. Tsutsui sums up the noticeable difference, “A closer look at log capture revealed that the flexible Exabeam Advanced Analytics was overwhelmingly advantageous.”

The entire process went smoothly with the Exabeam security measurement platform delivering where other vendors came up short. Exabeam provided a parser function from day one, simplifying the log capture process. Also, Jupiter didn’t have to face additional log-based charges as Exabeam Advanced Analytics comes as a convenient user-licensed service. With Exabeam in place, the Jupiter team collected and used log data while keeping costs down.

Future impact

Ultimately, Exabeam Advanced Analytics solution delivered increased visibility, flexibility, internal fraud detection, and a predictable cost model. Supported by Exabeam, the Jupiter team could efficiently capture and analyze log data for greater visibility and understanding of their insider threat landscape. Exabeam analytics-driven insight gave Jupiter a leg up in its effort to identify and mitigate internal fraud.

In addition to these benefits, Jupiter expects their experience using Exabeam Advanced Analytics on insider threats to possibly help mitigate outside threats as well. Tsutsui explains, “Currently, it is not possible to completely prevent intrusion of threats from the outside, and how to detect them after they’re already inside our environment is an issue for security in general, but by accumulating knowhow on internal fraud countermeasures, we expect that Exabeam Advanced Analytics can be used as a countermeasure for detection after an intrusion.”

To learn all the details of how Jupiter successfully teamed with Exabeam for superior analytics-driven visibility and control of internal fraud, please read the entire case study.

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