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Defending Against Ransomware: How Exabeam Strengthens Cybersecurity

September 20, 2023


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In today’s technology-driven world, addressing the looming threat of cyberattacks is more significant than ever. On Sept. 14 Auckland Transport (AT), a critical component of New Zealand’s infrastructure and responsible for transportation on ferries, buses, and trains, fell victim to a suspected ransomware attack. The attack affected a range of AT customer services, including the HOP card ticketing and fare network. Recent weeks have been particularly painful for security teams in the travel and retail industries, as ransomware attacks have struck several well-known organisations worldwide.

Specifics of this attack are still pending at the time of this writing, but it is common for such incidents to begin with stolen or compromised credentials. These credentials grant cybercriminals access to internal systems, allowing them to navigate an organisation’s network while posing as legitimate employees. Notably, AT has taken a customer-centric approach, allowing customers to use their HOP cards regardless of their balance while the electronic fare payment system is experiencing issues. This positive and proactive response is essential, as the way organisations handle such incidents can significantly impact customer sentiment. The security team at AT now faces the daunting task of containing the incident and reconstructing the events leading up to the attack to fully assess the impact, not to mention the inevitable root cause analysis that will lead to mitigation and prevention of similar attacks. 

Regrettably, this incident is far from unique. Instead, it serves as a stark reminder of the increasingly common trend of malicious actors employing ever more sophisticated tools to harm organisations globally. In this article, we’ll explore the alarming rise of ransomware attacks and how Exabeam plays a pivotal role in defending against these threats.

In this article:

Combating the escalating ransomware threat

Ransomware attacks have evolved into a formidable menace, exploiting vulnerabilities in digital infrastructure and paralysing organisations across all sectors. These attacks involve the use of malware (malicious software) to encrypt sensitive data, effectively holding it hostage until a ransom is paid. Cybercriminals have honed their tactics, employing advanced techniques to bypass traditional security measures and infiltrate even the most fortified networks.

Effectively combating modern cyberthreats demands equally sophisticated cybersecurity solutions. Traditional security tools often fall short when it comes to detecting and mitigating ransomware attacks. Addressing this threat requires a solution that offers real-time threat detection, rapid response capabilities, and advanced analytics to uncover the patterns that indicate these attacks are underway.

The role of Exabeam in the battle against ransomware

Exabeam remains a formidable ally in the ongoing battle against ransomware and other cyberthreats. We offer a comprehensive and innovative approach to cybersecurity, designed to fortify your organisation’s defences. Exabeam helps:

  1. Know your normal: Our user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) capability monitors user and device behaviour in real time. By establishing a baseline of normal behaviour, Exabeam swiftly detects deviations indicative of a ransomware attack. This approach helps organisations detect threats before they escalate into full-blown security incidents with network downtime.
  2. Respond fast: In the event of a ransomware attack, time is of the essence. Exabeam streamlines incident response by providing security teams with actionable insights and automated response capabilities. This reduction in response time is critical for isolating infected systems and effectively mitigating the damage.
  3. Dig deep: Our data analysis capabilities go beyond surface-level detection. Exabeam solutions can trace the origins of an attack, map its progression, and identify organisations’ potential vulnerabilities. This intelligence empowers organisations to proactively strengthen their defences against future attacks.
  4. Expand visibility: Exabeam seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure, ensuring that organisations can leverage their current investments while improving their overall security stance. This makes it a cost-effective solution for combating ransomware and other threats.

As ransomware attacks become more frequent and sophisticated, organisations must adapt and shore up their defences. Exabeam offers a comprehensive, data-driven approach to threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR). Addressing ransomware attacks requires a holistic cybersecurity strategy and a proactive approach, enabling organisations to better defend against the relentless onslaught of cyberthreats and bolster their cybersecurity posture.


As the spectre of cyberthreats continues to grow, Exabeam stands guard, empowering organisations to detect and defend against threats, and defeat adversaries. Our powerful behavioural analytics, streamlined incident response, in-depth data analysis, and seamless integration capabilities make Exabeam more than a solution — we are your reliable partner in the ongoing battle against ransomware and other security threats.

Learn more about ransomware detection and response

Read our white paper, Using a Layered Approach to Improve Ransomware Detection and Response.

Ransomware costs the world billions each year, and it’s here to stay. Entry can come at any time through multiple attack vectors, so what can security leaders do to prevent ransomware’s destructive effects? 

The Exabeam Security Research Team (ESRT) reviewed the characteristics of four ransomware attacks. This white paper details what they learned from their analysis about the optimal way to protect your organisation:

  • The one characteristic all four attacks shared
  • The security analyst’s greatest opportunity to detect ransomware attacks
  • Why security architects need to deploy approaches that understand behaviour and immediately identifies tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)
  • Best practices for optimal ransomware protection

Get the paper now!

Using a Layered Approach to Improve Ransomware Detection and Response

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