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Podcast – The New CISO Podcast Episode 98: What’s In a Word? Managing Your Message More Effectively

Podcast Transcript | Air Date August 24, 2023

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Listen to Steve and Frank discuss the power of communication and the four types of complaints that can affect your organization:

Meet Frank (1:36)

Host Steve Moore introduces our guest today, Frank Vesce, who has over twenty years of experience, including global leadership positions.

Frank first became intrigued by cybersecurity through the Matthew Broderick film War Games. During a coding class at university, Frank became even more interested in this field after reading the book, The Cuckoo’s Egg. 

First Gig (4:23)

Frank’s first security position was at Goldman Sachs. Before, Frank worked in IT and technology, but in 2010 Frank transitioned from infrastructure to security risk, and things moved forward from there.

The Interview (5:16)

Frank shares his unique approach to interviewing. He would call the interviewee by the wrong name to understand their personality. 

The best response would be when someone would politely and quickly correct him, how people answered demonstrated if they would fit on the team.

Being Human (12:59)

When people come to work and complain, it typically has nothing to do with their employer. They may have something going on in their personal lives, so it’s essential to get to the root of the problem before making assumptions.

Frank then shares the different kinds of complainers in the workplace and how to work around them to strengthen your team.

The US Coastguard (19:24)

Steve presses Frank on his experience with the US Coastguard.

Frank gained this opportunity from a few colleagues who asked Frank to join. The coastguard wanted someone from the financial sector to do tabletop exercises, and Frank was the right fit. Ultimately, these exercises helped inform public policy.

Working in government also taught him the importance of communication chains and how to determine which phrases and words can or cannot be shared. Steve and Frank discuss managing your words effectively when security is essential.

Bad Advice (29:51)

Frank tries to learn from his mistakes and turn them into positives. However, he has one example of bad advice.

He shares a story where his boss took him to coffee to yell at him for a mistake. However, Frank told his boss he wasn’t coached on that aspect of his job. Frank lacked advice during this circumstance. 

Different Philosophies (36:21)

To Frank, teams need to be transparent with boards today as boards get savvier. Especially if there is a breach, you don’t want to lose your reputation with your firm.

Learning how to translate what’s on the technology side to the business side is critical. Everything boils down to communication.

What’s In A Word? (39:21)

When Frank returned to Goldman Sachs, he was tasked with creating a change management system.

During this project, Frank had an issue with a colleague over the word “re-engineer.” The colleague felt more comfortable with the word “enhance.” When new to a firm, using the right words to gather the most support is critical.

Origin Story (43:50)

Steve presses Frank about his life in an orphanage. 

Frank spent some time there but was later adopted by a caring family. This motivated Frank to give back, and now Frank works with the organization A Year Up, which helps inner-city kids break into the corporate world.

The New CISO (47:51)

To Frank, being a new CISO means translating the technology side of security for less technical people. It is crucial to explain risk to the business side.

It is also important to recognize the human side of the job.

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