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Podcast – The New CISO Podcast Episode 95: Security Engineer to CEO – Taking a Chance on Yourself

Podcast Transcript | Air Date July 12, 2023

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Listen to Steve and Suid discuss navigating the corporate ladder and how security professionals can become business leaders:

Meet Suid (1:39)

Host Steve Moore introduces our guest today, Suid Adeyanju, a security professional and entrepreneur. At RiverSafe Ltd., Suid’s team specializes in cyber security, data operations, and demo. 

Since childhood, Suid wanted to work in technology. Recently, he found his old yearbook from Nigeria and saw that he wanted to be a computer engineer even then. Even though that goal was unusual then, it demonstrates that Suid always wanted to be in technology.

At University (6:24)

While at university, Suid initially went for computer science and mathematics. After studying accounting for two years, his professor steered him toward business information systems. 

As much as Suid loves computers, understanding how organizations deliver their services was a better fit. 

Think About Impact (10:26)

Steve and Suid discuss how security leaders need to consider how their security work impacts the business. 

If leaders focus on making the business secure, they need to work with the business and understand the risks associated with the work.

The Transition (13:40)

Suid reflects on his transition from engineer to entrepreneur. 

As an engineer, Suid saw things in black and white. To run his business, he needed a different mindset because there is a difference between working with people versus computers.

Workplace Challenges (20:03)

Steve presses Suid on his time at Reuters. 

After two years of contracting, Suid saw that he was stuck in his role while his teammates gained more responsibility. Initially, Suid believed he needed to work harder and gain his master’s in information security. Now, he understands that this mindset is common with ethnic minorities and reflects on the challenges he’s faced. 

Valuing Yourself (28:55)

Suid realized that this particular work environment did not value the additional education he had gained or the extra work he put in. Without another job lined up, Suid decided to quit.

Suid could take this risk because he had made good financial decisions, which gave him enough savings to rely on. Suid also had the proper professional skill set, preparing him to take a chance. 

Starting A Business (34:24)

Suid reveals that this time led him to start his own business. Although it’s challenging to transition from engineer to entrepreneur, Suid knew his team was talented and could show value to their customers.

The Big Break (38:14)

Suid’s company got their big break when a senior manager at a major corruption chose to work with them. This manager took a chance on them with a significant project, which set Suid up for future momentum.

Sound Advice (43:43)

For the listeners who feel that the corporate world is not for them, Suid shares his advice.

 First, take a course that teaches how to set up a business. Secondly, find a mentor who can share with you valuable insight.

The New Security Leader (47:21)

To Suid, a new leader focuses on people. One must have empathy and the mentality that leaders are meant to serve.

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