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Podcast – The New CISO Podcast Episode 105: Great Leaders Make Leaders — Especially During a Breach

Podcast Transcript | Air Date December 7, 2023

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Listen to Steve and Chris discuss who managers really work for and the mark of a great leader:

Welcome Back, Chris (1:52)

Steve and Chris discuss where they left off in the last episode when they left their security team for a new opportunity.

Focusing on insider threats, Chris shares his daily work for this specific role. During this time, Chris focused less on operations and built a program instead. He also researched what would be in an insider program.

Vulnerability Management (4:10)

Chris reflects on the lessons he learned while doing vulnerability management that made him the leader he is today. Chris believes this time taught him how to tell a good story and have clear metrics to back himself up.

Network Security (9:28)

After working in vulnerability management, Chris moved into network security with Steve and created a Soc. Chris initially came in as an individual contributor until he became a team lead before eventually becoming the manager.

When he was a manager, Chris realized his role now was to worry about his team and less about himself. It was a profound moment for Chris when he discovered this truth.

The Breach Itself (15:14)

Chris shares what lessons he learned from a significant security breach. Chris and his team noticed for a while that there were warning signs of the breach but were initially ignored.

However, when the event happened, they could take what they knew and move forward. Because Chris had working partnerships with other teams, he was able to get the help they needed, showcasing the importance of building your relationships before a crisis.

Client Management (20:48)

Steve presses Chris on what he remembers regarding the client management side of this time. Chris recalls dealing with many calls from clients who were understandably concerned. 

Many of these calls became heated, but one client assured Chris he understood what he was going through. As a result, Chris tries to be empathetic with others since they could be having a bad day, which could affect their behavior.

Pride In Their Team (28:25)

Steve reflects on how working with this incredible team was one of the best memories of his career. He has immense pride in this group, which Chris shares.

Chris loved building something from nothing and seeing the great things their colleagues have done since. Forming a great team requires a healthy culture that brings people together.

Stepping Up (31:38)

After Steve left, Chris had to step up into a higher leadership role. This change became a pivotal moment in Chris’s career, coinciding with the birth of his first child.


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