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Log Management

Get centralized logging, advanced search, cloud storage, and reporting with Exabeam Data Lake.

Learn more about scalable, centralized, log storage.

Highly scalable, centralized, log storage

Security operations teams need access to IT and security data without blind spots. Exabeam allows organizations to centrally store and search their security log and event data. Visibility across your entire ecosystem means no event or activity is missed.

Log Management - Highly scalable, centralized, log storage
Context-aware log parsing and presentation

Context-aware log parsing and presentation

Never comb through a sea of raw logs again. Exabeam’s Auto Parser Generator provides engineers an easy operation for creating, customizing, modifying OOTB, and validating parsers. Rapid deployment of new parsers empowers analysts with greater visibility, broader use case coverage, and improved threat detection.

Natural language-based rule builder

In modern security management solutions, threat detection is often performed through a combination of correlation rules and behavioral analysis. Exabeam converts natural language syntax into effective correlation rules so analysts can easily craft complex and effective rules.

Rapid Search

Searching through disparate security data events in log files creates manual, time consuming work. Exabeam produces rapid search results and allows search queries to span distributed storage nodes. Search queries return answers quickly, improving productivity.

Pre-built compliance reports

Many organizations must adhere to one or more compliance regulations. Exabeam provides out-of-the-box compliance reports that can be used to fulfill audit and regulatory requirements, significantly reducing the operational overhead of compliance monitoring and reporting.

Always accessible long-term log storage in the cloud

Freezing old logs into a NAS device or cloud storage buckets results in inconvenient data restore processes. Exabeam offloads your log data and securely stores it in the cloud, while making the logs available for full search and export functionality.

The Exabeam Resource Library

Learn more about the Exabeam platform and information security with our collection of white papers, podcasts, webinars and more.

Need a world-class log management solution?

Data is the lifeblood of your SIEM or XDR – but all data is not created equal.

Rather than build a team of “search ninjas” or play the costly “all the data” game, think twice. It’s probably time to move away from that legacy SIEM.

Whether you have a SIEM replacement project, or a legacy SIEM modernization with XDR, Exabeam offers advanced, modular, and cloud-delivered TDIR.

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