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Fusion XDR

Efficiently detect, investigate, and respond to threats without disrupting your existing security stack.

Exabeam Fusion XDR is a cloud-delivered solution that enables you to:

  • Leverage turnkey threat detection, investigation, and response
  • Detect threats missed by other tools, using market-leading behavioral analytics
  • Achieve successful SecOps outcomes with prescriptive, threat-centric use case packages
  • Enhance productivity and reduce response times with automation

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Flexible integration to augment your security stack

Free yourself from vendor lock-in and rip-and-replace tech refresh cycles. Fusion XDR enhances your existing security stack by layering on turnkey threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) using hundreds of pre-built integrations that cover dozens of key technologies like endpoint, network, cloud and more. These integrations support the full TDIR lifecycle, from data ingestion and normalization, to threat detection and response automation. This approach enables Fusion XDR get more out of your existing security investments, and to tightly unify them into a single control plane for the SOC.

Detect threats missed by other tools

Despite having impressive arsenals at their disposal, SOC teams regularly miss common threats like phishing and malware. Why? Security tools operate in silos and lack visibility or context on what’s happening in other tools. Fusion XDR uses behavioral analytics to break down these silos by combining weak signals from many products into high fidelity threat indicators. This approach easily detects complex, unknown, and insider threats to find attacks missed by purpose-built security tools themselves or other analytics tools your organization has deployed.

Prescriptive Threat Detection, Investigation & Response (TDIR) Use Case Packages

It has become too complicated to build an effective SOC using legacy SIEMs and a smattering of purpose built security products. There is no standard way to tackle cybersecurity and every SOC is unique; with its own mix of tools, level of staffing and maturity, and processes. Fusion XDR solves this by leveraging prescriptive, threat-centered TDIR Use Case Packages that provide repeatable workflows and prepackaged content that spans the entire TDIR lifecycle. These use cases provide a standardized way to easily achieve effective, repeatable security outcomes for specific threat types. They include all of the content necessary to operationalize that use case, including: prescribed data sources, parsers, detection rules and models, investigation and response checklists, and automated playbooks.

Automated investigation and response

SOC teams must manage an increasing volume and complexity of threats using limited staff and manual processes that typically require analysts to switch between dozens of different security tools. The result of these conditions is slow, inconsistent, and often error-prone response, which may lead to security incidents slipping through the cracks and developing into costly breaches. Fusion XDR empowers analysts of all levels to automate their threat detection and response workflows including evidence gathering, triage, investigation, and incident response. By automating manual, error-prone processes Fusion XDR ensures timely, consistent results and improves response times.

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The XDR Alliance™️️ is a partnership of best-in-class security and information technology providers organized to help security teams easily design and implement effective threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) capabilities using XDR.

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