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Customizable Case Management Designed for Security Teams

Incident tickets and alerts can pile up into the thousands, requiring a team for prioritization and response. Often security teams are using an outdated IT case management system not designed for security workflows. Scarcity of security talent spreads SOC teams too thin. With Exabeam, your SOC can use customizable tools designed for security incidents, ensuring that threats do not slip through the cracks.

Centralized Security Orchestration Enables Rapid, Automated Responses

Security teams responding to an incident can use hundreds of tools, resulting in an inefficient “swivel-chair” response. A centralized approach and console are needed to pull in data and push actions to other systems. The Incident Responder prebuilt APIs connect and integrate all your systems, IT, and security tools, whether it’s email servers, active directory (AD), or your firewall, for a rapid automatic response.

Automated Incident Response Playbooks

Security threats happen repeatedly whether it’s malware or an email phishing scheme. Some threats are predictable, while others are unique –- with responses requiring many steps. Incident Responder playbooks take programmatic actions that are semi or fully automated. Teams can automate investigations, gathering of evidence, containment, and mitigation to improve the success of their cyber security incident response processes.

Graphical Playbook Editor

With security automation and orchestration tools it can be very difficult to develop the needed playbooks that accurately take action with all the systems involved. The Incident Responder visual playbook editor dramatically simplifies security playbook development, using logic and flow charts that you can drag and drop to connect systems and create actions.

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“One of the key reasons we chose Exabeam is their willingness to adapt, to rethink things, to go the extra mile. There’s a lot of value there that I can’t put a dollar next to. It matches our company values.”
Ryan Clarque
Senior Global Cybersecurity Manager

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