Exabeam Cloud Platform

Continuously improve your security posture by expediting the provisioning and consumption of new applications, tools and content


The multi-tenant Exabeam Cloud Platform extends Exabeam’s security information and event management (SIEM) solution with capabilities unique to Exabeam – user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and object-centric workspaces – as well as cloud storage, data graphing and integrations with over 250 security and IT products.

Application Marketplace

The Application Marketplace provides analysts and engineers with a single online location to try, buy and deploy Exabeam security management applications to improve how they work. Initial applications include the Exabeam Cloud Archive and the Exabeam Threat Intelligence Service.

Cloud Studio

The Cloud Studio is a toolbox of free tools for engineers to use to quickly develop the content they need to support new use cases. Initially the Cloud Studio includes the patented Exabeam Parser Editor.

Real-time Content Updates

Real-time content updates allow engineers to access new parsers, rules and models, dashboards and certain Exabeam product fixes to extend or deploy new use cases.

Cloud Platform Data Sheet


“We collect eight to 12 billion events per day. With Exabeam, almost overnight, we gained an immense operational efficiency."

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