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Pre-built Cloud Data Log Collectors for Insider Threat Detection

As organizations increasingly use cloud services like Office 365, Salesforce, AWS, GitHub, and Google they leave themselves open to insider threats and compromises. Traditional SIEMs are unable to ingest and analyze all the cloud logs in search of these threats — creating security blind spots and vulnerabilities. Cloud Connector UEBA detects complex insider threats, spanning on-prem and into the cloud.

Cloud Behavioral Analytics for Insider Threat Detection

Insider threat protection is typically not part of a cloud security solution offering. Imagine a disgruntled employee downloading your customer information from Salesforce or stealing confidential information from Dropbox. Insider threat protection of the cloud requires analysis of log data using an advanced analytic, behavioral-based approach. Cloud Connectors behavioral analytics closes the gap, providing insider threat protection for your crucial cloud services.

Ensure Compliance of Cloud Applications

As organizations move their business into the cloud, there’s a gap in security controls like firewalls and anti-virus protection. Organizations are assuming the cloud service is secure — and yet often the service isn’t designed for insider threat protection — leaving your organization out of compliance. Cloud Connectors provides the insider threat protection not found in SIEMs, providing detection for your compliance and regulation initiatives.

“It wasn’t that we didn’t have the logs; we had those. But they were in many divergent locations, and it took our analysts lots of time to actually dig into those logs and find them and put a story together. With Exabeam, it actually provides us with a story.”
Director of Information Security

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