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Enhance cloud security by collecting logs from over 40 cloud services, and orchestrating actions back to them.

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Pre-Built Cloud Data Collectors

As organizations move to cloud services they’re left open to cloud security compromises by attackers or malicious insiders. Cloud Connectors allow you to collect logs from over 40 cloud services, such as AWS, GitHub, Google, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Snowflake, Zoom and many other cloud security, identity and access management, infrastructure and business applications. Cloud Connectors work in conjunction with Exabeam Incident Responder to orchestrate actions through cloud services as part of your response to incidents.

Automatic Updates When APIs Change

Cloud service providers frequently change their APIs, which could lead to unexpected breakdowns in cloud security and impact your ability to collect cloud logs if you aren’t paying attention. With Cloud Connectors, updates are made automatically whenever APIs change. No coding skills or costly professional services engagements are needed to ensure the right data is being collected.

Behavioral Analytics Extended to the Cloud

Cloud security solutions typically offer limited detection of malicious insiders, compromised accounts, and other threats where the attacker has been able to login to cloud systems. A disgruntled employee downloading your customer list from Salesforce or stealing source code from GitHub—it happens sometimes. Cloud Connectors allow you to easily collect logs from a cloud service into Exabeam Advanced Analytics where analysts can detect attacker tactics, techniques and procedures using behavior-based threat detection.

See the Whole Attack Chain

Cloud Connectors allow easy log collection from a cloud service into Advanced Analytics and Exabeam Data Lake where they can be combined with data from other cloud services and on-premises applications to give analysts full visibility of an attack. Using behavior-based threat detection, Advanced Analytics identifies attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Regulatory Compliance for Cloud Applications

Moving an organization to the cloud often requires an audit and report or risk and regulatory compliance. Using Cloud Collectors, cloud logs can be reliably collected into Data Lake to provide the visibility and reporting needed to meet your regulatory requirements, now and in the future.

Face the cloud fearlessly.

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