Exabeam Cybersecurity and Compliance Solution using SIEM, XDR, UEBA, SOAR

It’s not easy— all day you deal with odd security behavior and fighting an uphill battle is draining. Analysts aren’t on equal footing with attackers.

Outsmart the Odds with Exabeam.

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Introducing Fusion XDR and Fusion SIEM

Powerful cloud-delivered security products that solve Threat Detection, Investigation and Response (TDIR)

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Distributed people, systems, and data make running a secure business increasingly complex—especially as legacy tools and strategies have been unable to adapt. Exabeam gives organizations the control to stay ahead of threats with undeterred confidence in their security practices.

Why Exabeam?

Running a secure business is increasingly complex. Legacy tools have been unable to adapt to a world where business, people, and data is distributed. Exabeam enables organizations to improve their security posture, move their security operations to the cloud, and stay ahead of threats by connecting the dots, not just collecting them.

See the Exabeam Difference

Outcomes above all.

Most security products were designed to provide functionality, not results. With Exabeam’s out-of-the-box use cases, security analysts can combine automation with use case content at each stage of their workflow to quickly achieve repeatable outcomes.

Unleash security teams.

From the CISO to the analyst, Exabeam helps security teams outsmart the odds by adding intelligence to their existing security tools with analytics and automation.

Business undaunted.

Modernize your security stack and stay compliant. Exabeam broadens your team’s ability to address privacy, cloud security, OT and IoT, and insider threats that stifle innovation and operations.

Exabeam for Security Leaders

Automate the repetitive.

You can resolve attacks, or you can resolve attacks faster. With Exabeam’s automation, analysts are freed up to prioritize the work they do best—deep investigation and determining intent.

Exabeam for Analysts

See the whole security picture.

Exabeam provides a SaaS offering that integrates with existing security tools without disruption—including SIEMs, XDRs, cloud data lakes, and hundreds of other business and security applications.

Exabeam for Engineers

The Resource Library

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The Exabeam Security Management Platform

Industry-leading cloud-delivered analytics and automation.

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Detect Credential-Based Attacks

Continuous, real-time mapping correctly attributes all activity and behavior to users and devices. Data enhancement and context then provide visibility into abnormal behavior and risky activity.

Automate Manual and Repetitive Tasks

Automation helps improve security teams’ productivity at every phase of their workflow, including detection, triage, and investigation. Not just response.

Get Prepackaged Use Case Coverage

Deploy complete coverage for compromised insiders, malicious insiders, and external threat use cases – and more than 90 MITRE techniques.

Understanding what’s going on inside our environment, from the perspective of data movement and data loss gives us a holistic view to make it easier to identify abnormal events.

Deneen Defiore
VP & Chief Information Security Officer, United Airlines

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