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In cybersecurity, the only way to beat the odds is to Outsmart the Odds.

An expanding attack surface. Billions of events. Insider threats. False positives. The odds are stacked against understaffed security teams. You risk being overwhelmed. But with Exabeam, you have a competitive edge.

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Get the big picture without the big budget.

A skills shortage and lean financial resources challenge security leaders to do more with less. Exabeam improves your security posture and enhances the skills of your security team, all with complete visibility into the threat landscape and your business risks.
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You see the breadcrumbs. Now follow the trail.

Exabeam doesn’t just collect the dots, we connect them. We piece anomalous activity into a behavioral narrative so you can prioritize the work you do best—deep investigation and determining intent—all with complete visibility of the landscape.
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Connect the distributed.

Data decides everything and, in the distributed world, visibility of your entire IT environment is critical. Exabeam’s cloud offerings are modular and integrate with any existing security stack or architecture without disrupting workflows or budgets.
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Exabeam allows you to see the whole picture with incident timelines, enhanced event details, data models, and behavioral threat-hunting.

A Cut Above

Learn why analysts position Exabeam as a leader.
Gartner MQ for SIEM

Exabeam named a leading SIEM vendor for it's Security Management Platform.

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Forrester Wave Report

Exabeam was recognized as a Leader in the space for its Security Management Platform.

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Understanding what’s going on inside our environment, from the perspective of data movement and data loss, gives us a holistic view to make it easier to identify abnormal events.

Deneen DeFiore
VP & CISO, United Airlines

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